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Course Details for Courses with Marie Henson in WA.

Course Details for Courses with Marie Henson in WA.

Butterfly and Sea Essences. Part 1. Mon 12th - Wed 14th.Nov 2018.

See details in Dorothy's Courses in NSW.

Butterfly and Sea Essences. Part 2. Fri 16th - Sun 18th 

Exploring the mysteries of Life itself, this is an advanced course which gives a full and deep understanding and skill in using all the Essences in the full range. We gain skill and practice in prescribing the Essences for others.

This is an advanced course on the Butterfly and Sea Essences, designed for those who have already done the Basic Introductory Course – Part 1. The course is for those who want to go much deeper into the essences than we do in Part One, and to learn more of the new essences. In this course there is more emphasis on diagnosis and the practical use of the essences. A much better and finer appreciation of all the essences will result from this course.

With Sea Essences we explore the amazing Past Life Healing action of the Sea Essences, especially the deep sea ones. How the whole ocean world relates to the feminine healing and loving role of nurturing life itself. Some great experiences of these amazing essences

With Butterfly Essences we go into the Group One and Two Essences and their extraordinary properties of transformation and spiritual evolution. We gain a very fundamental understanding of how life works and the true significance of the humble butterfly. We experience them.

Goddess Elixirs. Mon 19th - Tues 20th.

See details in Dorothy's Courses.

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Course Details for Courses with Dorothy Barr. NSW. Australia

Course Details for Courses with Dorothy Barr. NSW. Australia

Dolphin and Whale Essences - 2 days. Oct 28th - 29th. 2018

A fascinating two day course which explores the amazing lives of dolphins and whales and the 28 Dolphin and Whale essences. We learn a lot and experience these wonderful essences guided b=y the Dolphins and Whales themselves.

Dolphin and Whale Essences
This is a new two day Course into the Dolphin and Whale Essences and I will give an Introduction to the Divine Master-plan for our Planet which introduces these wonderful Beings as our brothers and sisters on this earth, who are longing to reconnect with us, and do so through these essences. How these essences have come about from the Word of Om.
Dolphin Essences.. We explore these beautiful essences from the Dolphins and experience them with live music and video. We go into some depth about exactly what the Dolphins are doing in the ocean and why it is so vital that we re-connect with them NOW to save our Planet !
We look at the amazing Healing that Dolphins do and how they do it. Many aspects of the lives are covered in this Course and we will do practical exercises to experience the power and effects of these essences
Whale Essences Here we explore these extraordinary beings who are linked with the male power energy of the Planet. What the essences are, why we need them and what great properties the different essences have. We do some practical exercises to experience them. We touch into their amazing world and see how they support us in a powerful way to live with great fulfilment and well-being on earth.

Goddess Elixirs - 2 days. October 30th - 31st. 2018

A lovely Course where we encounter and experience seven Divine Goddesses and their Elixirs. Each Goddess contributes their special energies to the seven chakras, and they bring their special qualities to these exquisite Elixirs. Open to the Divine in your life.

"The Goddesses of Heaven are coming to us specially at this important time to empower the women and girls in our world to fulfil their true roles in bringing the ‘Love-Light’ to humanity. And to express their unique qualities without fear or favour, so creatively each one is free to be themselves. As teachers to men they can show the way to a happier society by showing the true Power of Love, which integrates Power into all the elements of Life instead of separating Power from Love."

From SARAHNI, female Creator Goddess of the Physical Plane.

Butterfly and Sea Essences. Part 1.  November 2nd - 4th.

The basic course to connect with the Essences of Divine Colour - the Butterfly Essences, and Relationship and Past Life Healing - the Sea Essences. 3 days of special teaching and experiencing of these unique essences.

On this course we learn the basic knowledge of:

• WHAT the essences are
• HOW to use them & keep them
• WHERE they come from energetically
• WHO to use them for and in WHAT situation
• WHEN to use them
• WHY they have come now into the world

The course also has a large practical content, so there will be direct experiencing of the essences in a group situation, enabling people to experience the essences themselves in order to see how they work in a practical way.

Many diverse ways of using the essences will be covered during the course and participants will gain confidence in using the essences in a wide variety of situations. Information will be shared to understand how and why the essences work. Each person will be invited to share experiences and ask questions, and will have an essence combination created that they can use for sometime after the course as well, if they wish.

We will use a Goddess Elixir, originally made in Japan as a spray on each Course day

We start the Course with a welcome talk by Erik or the Teacher just explaining some basic points about the Course. We then have a dedication with the lighting of a candle.
Now going into a meditation we welcome in the SOLAR COLOUR BEINGS and SEA BEINGS as we spray the Goddess Elixir. Usually we have some beautiful music to play softly in the background and this will be chosen according to the individual conditions prevailing at that time. Erik often chooses music by Deva Premal and Miten on the 1st day, or music by James Asher.

Eriksessences are designed by the Spiritual World as a means of direct and unlimited support in a process of accession of the Human Soul towards its Divine


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