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Teaching Diary for 2019



Spring Teaching Programme for Russia, Holland, China and Japan.



Teaching in Russia.   St Petersburg.

Contact Tatiana :  +7 911 9316894

 Courses Address :  Italian Str.33.    St Petersburg.                               

Saturday 6th April      " Healing of Past Traumas "   10am - 6 pm

Sunday 7th April .      " Opening our Creative Potential with Essences       -            Elven Energies. A key to Creativity "  10 am-6 pm

Monday April 8th .        " Consultations " - all day

Tuesday April 9th.         " Spirit Communication ".  10 am - 6 pm

Wednesday 10th April.  " Professional Course - how to create individual Essences"

 All day                                      



Thursday 9th May - Evening Talk

Friday 10th- "Goddess Elixirs and Chakras"- 1 day Course

Saturday 11th May - "A Day with the Gods". Erik introduces the Divine Gods. He will make God Essences of people's choice for them

Sunday & Monday 12th/13th May -
Butterflies and Celestial Angels - working with the Celestial Angels to improve your life quality"


Tuesday 14th May - Consultations


Organiser: Eva de Jong

Tel: +023-5482018

Email: Eva de Jong <>






Sharing Salon: May 17 night

2 days workshop (May18-19):

Theme: Celestial Angel, spiritual communication, divine dimension,


l Butterflies and Celestial Angels - 1 day

 Spirit Communication - 1 day



Sharing Salon: May 20 night

2 days workshop(May21-22):

Theme: Manifest & creating the future, chakras energy activation with goddess elixirs


l Goddess Elixirs and the Chakras - 1 day

l Opening to the Future - 1 day


Sharing Salon: May 23 night in Taipei

Sharing Salon: May 24 night in Hua-lin

3 days workshop (May 25-27):

Theme: Revert and Healing the Past Trauma ,Dolphin & Whales Essences


l Dolphin and Whale Essences. - 2 Days

l Healing of Past Traumas - 1 day  


Tel: 86 13167131394 





Mount Fuji

Saturday & Sunday 1st/2nd June - The Goddess Elixirs (2 days)

Tuesday to Thursday 4th/5th/6th June - Butterfly & Sea Essence Part 1 Teacher Course. (3 days)

Friday to Sunday 7th/8th/9th June - Butterfly & Sea Essence Part 2 Teacher Course (3 days)

Organisers Sayuri/Kaori & team



Monday 10th June - Butterflies & Celestial Angels Course (1 day)

Wednesday 12th June - Introduction of Erik & his Essences to new people. 

Organiser: Hiromi



Saturday 15th June - Opening to the Future. Designed for business people (1 day)

Sunday 16th June - Love overcoming negativity and depression In the Family (1 day)

Organiser: Nobuko

Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido

A special Journey to see the Orcas and Sperm Whales in the amazing Pacific Ocean.

"Dolphins and Whale Spirit Communication Course" - 2 days

 Organiser: Michiko Ishida


Friday 21st June - Spirit Communication (1 day)

Organiser: Hitomi


2 day Course  - Goddess Elixirs - 1 day

Organiser: Hitomi

Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd June








October 1st/3rd - Butterfly & Sea Essences Part 1.

Course Organised by Kate Quartermaine 


Text only: 07921 783185

at: Tbe Farmhouse,

       Green End Farm, BROUGHTON,

           Chester. CH4 ORU

On this course we learn the basic knowledge of:

• WHAT the essences are
• HOW to use them & keep them
• WHERE they come from energetically
• WHO to use them for and in WHAT situation
• WHEN to use them
• WHY they have come now into the world

The course also has a large practical content, so there will be direct experiencing of the essences in a group situation, enabling people to experience the essences themselves in order to see how they work in a practical way.

Many diverse ways of using the essences will be covered during the course and participants will gain confidence in using the essences in a wide variety of situations. Information will be shared to understand how and why the essences work. Each person will be invited to share experiences and ask questions, and will have an essence combination created that they can use for sometime after the course as well, if they wish.




October 4/5th - 'Goddess Elixirs'.
October 6th - 'Goddess Elixirs and the Chakras'. 2019.
We are excited to announce that we are teaching both Goddess Elixir Courses back to back in Gladstone's Library in Hawarden near Chester. CH5 3DF.

Goddess Elixirs - 2 days.

"The Goddesses of Heaven are coming to us specially at this important time to empower the women and girls in our world to fulfil their true roles in bringing the ‘Love-Light’ to humanity. And to express their unique qualities without fear or favour, so creatively each one is free to be themselves. As teachers to men they can show the way to a happier society by showing the true Power of Love, which integrates Power into all the elements of Life instead of separating Power from Love."

In the 2 day Goddess Elixir course we go on a journey through the chakras and the Divine Planes with the seven Divine Goddesses , who have given of themselves to create these beautiful Goddess Elixirs. We learn about the structure of Heaven  where the Divine Goddesses live and experience their Elixirs most deeply and completely.GODDESS ELIXIRS AND THE CHAKRAS
Erik balances teaching with experiencing giving students a real familiarity with these amazing elixirs.
Highly Recommended !

Goddess Elixirs and the Chakras - 1 day

This is a practical course for those who want to see how the Goddess Elixirs work on the Chakras for wellbeing, energetic support and meditation. We will explore how each goddess can really help each of us in our chakras energetically bringing their special qualities of Light, Healing and Wellbeing to ourself and others we are trying to help.

We explore how to use the Goddess Elixirs practically in our life, and experience the great benefits that they can bring us. 

An important course for those who care about the quality of life.

 Please contact Nicki Miller on 07814008459. 

E mail :