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Gel J. Baleh God Elixir. 100ml


Gel J. Baleh God Elixir. 100ml




"Love is the Power, Love is the Key - Be Love, Spread Love, and we will be Free."

Baleh is the Highest Love/Creative male aspect of the Divine. He expresses love and creativity in it’s highest male form and brings a truly heavenly quality to our life. Words cannot do this elixir justice as it uplifts our whole Being in wellbeing at all levels, bringing a soft quality of consciousness which is very perceptive and very still at the same time. There is real inner peace.

We can feel transported to a Heavenly state, but stay very grounded in our life at the same time. Attention to practical details is very good, and peaceful relaxed consciousness makes interactions with others very easy.  Our perceptions of beauty and our senses become intensified and uplifted to a state of clarity and harmony at the same time, and we feel complete and in the moment.

 Baleh brings both wellbeing and creativity dissolving states of anguish, sadness and pain, as well as boosting all creative activities and our senses. He is especially focussed on visual creativity being a superb inspiration to all visual artists. There is a real clarity of sight bringing an almost surreal perception of light and form. Other senses such as smell are also intensified and the overall connection with beauty at all levels increases.

Bad energies in relationships quickly are transformed to love and appreciation of others, and a real sensitivity to feelings of people around us increases. Positive actions and thoughts are boosted and real caring for those around us can really grow.

With Baleh we have the three Butterfly colour energies of pale lemon yellow 1,2,3. This brings clarity of thought, clear perceptions and real awareness and sensitivity to others.

Head Shield Nudibranch sea essence energy brings a similar awareness and sensitivity to others, bringing a greater harmony in our interactions with them.

Frasers Dolphin brings real joyfulness and lightness of being alleviating any heaviness and sadness in us. It brings inner freedom through detachment from ego and status.

Gray Whale brings real love and awareness to our close relationships helping us to feel what others are thinking and feeling about us. It really helps with family bonding and the care of children and siblings.

Sunshine Wattle flower essence energy dissolves frustration bringing a strong, positive and optimistic energy for the future. It brings warmth and sunshine into our being with calmness and wisdom.

Yellow Topaz represents empathy and serenity – it is a soothing crystal that promotes harmony in relationships. It aligns with what is for your highest and best good and it helps attract people into your life that will benefit you bringing new friendships. It symbolises love and affection.

Rei is the Seraphim Angel who brings strong male love and a real sensitivity to others, co ordinating energies for healing and care for the suffering people in the world.

Hamane the Cherubim Angel opens up the heart for love in partnership relationships, overcoming fear, mistrust and vulnerability. She gives us the confidence and relaxation to let go into Love.


Juniper Floral water is detoxifying and reviving to the skin and Ginger essential oil – which is an oil of empowerment as it brings confidence. The oil can enhance concentration and can sooth and reduce feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, fatigue and agitation.