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The Combination Essences

These Essences are for those who need essences for a particular reason quickly, and in a very convenient form. They were years in the planning but came about only when all the Dolphin and Whale Essences came through - this is because the key to the effectiveness of these combinations is having the right dolphin and whale essences in that combination. The dolphins and whales perfectly integrate and synergize all the other essences together, to work together in a more focussed and powerful way.

Please try them out as I think you will agree that they work very effectively, and perhaps you will find that they help for many other things than those stated, so please add to the Blog, any comments and experiences that you may have for these. They come in either 20ml violet glass bottle drops or a 30ml violet glass spray, so use them in the form that suits you best.   

 E N J O Y !



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  • CE a) ‘Relax and de-stress' Essence. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    Very good for deep relaxation and dissolving stress. Physical,nervous and mental stress are all helped and long term problems can be alleviated. Lovely as a quick acting 'stress buster' when work and pressures get the better of you. This helps us to keep happy, relaxed, efficient and flowing beautifully in our life.

    Sea Dandelion






    Nori Ristillion-Blue 3 Butterfly Essence



    Dawson Sunfish ( actually Dawson Sun Starfish )

    Sea Fan



    Sinninia Rommala-Pale Golden yellow 2 Butterfly Essence                                                                                                                                                     

    Pan Tropical Spotted Dolphin & Brydes Whale




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  • CE b). ‘Rejuvenate’   Essence. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    This is a Combination Essence to help anyone feeling 'burnt out' and depleted. Where a whole group of problems come together such as exhaustion, toxicity in the whole Being, nervous stress and mental and emotional depletion. It is gently restorative of the true quality of life and helps us get everything into balance and flow again. A great 'pick me up' for quick use when needed.


    Common Sea Urchin


    Timika Sommolia – Green 2

    Blue Sea Squirt

    Wira Tentaron – Emerald 3 butt ess.

    Bottlenose Dolphin & Orca Whale

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  • CE c).  ‘Happy Optimist’ Essence. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    An uplifting essence which elevate our feelings and thoughts to overcome pessimistic or negative states. Joy, lightness, optimism and clarity can come with this special mixture. A sense of joyful purpose and positive expectation of life can be brought about by this essence. A lovely aid for when you are 'feeling down'.

    Harlequin Shrimp

    Solo Tissilion – Lemon 3 Butterfly Essence

    Sea Lily 

    Suma Mimarilion – Yellow 3 Butterfly Essence

    Vivia Lasaya- Deep yellow Gold 2 Butterfly Essence.

    Timika Sommolia – Green 2 Butterfly Essence.

     Bottlenose Dolphin & Brydes Whale.

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  • CE d). 'Self confidence with courage'. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    A combination for those who often feel afraid, or who have subtle but very real fears. These essences banish fear, bringing our whole Being to a state of Love, which is very restoring. This essence can help us face the source of fear with courage and overcome it, bringing greater ease and confidence to our life. By helping to overcome all levels of fear and apprehension we can really move into a greater state of Love and enjoyment of life, with real togetherness with others.

    Spiny Lobster

    Wima Pilliron – Olive 3 Butterfly Essence

    Common Sea Urchin

    Vampire Squid


    Weedy Sea Dragon

    Bottlenose Dolphin and Orca Whale


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  • CE e). ‘Vitality’ essence. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    A Combination for those who may feel flat, tired, lethargic, bored or lacking interest or enthusiasm in life. Brings more energy, drive, joy and strenght to the whole Being. A lovely essence to rediscover passion, fun and direction in life, especially when life becomes boring, mundane or repetitive. An instant 'pick me up' and a lovely essence to celebrate being alive !

    Nola Marillion- Orange 3 Butterfly Essence

    Rainbow Butterflies-Group 3 Butterfly Essence

    Rainbow Angel Butterflies-Group  1 Butterfly Essence

    Harlequin Shrimp

    Common Tropical Octopus

    Peo Tio- Orange One Butterfly Essence

    Commerson’s Dolphin & Orca whale


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  • CE f ). 'Lady Essence'. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    This is an intensely feminizing essence which supports femininity in it’s purest form. It is an essence to support the freest expression of femininity by any woman. The key elements are the Dolphin and Whale essences which synergise and integrate all the elements beautifully,  and the blend of Divine Mother Elements with the Rose Pink Butterfly Essences. Pure freedom  and enjoyment !

    Bryde's Whale

    Indo Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin

    Rose Pink 3 - Timi Mokariron Butterfly Essence

    Rose Pink 2- Sinhema Takia Butterfly Essence

    Rose Pink 1 - Hea Hio Buttterfly Essence

    From Divine Mother:

                                  a pink Rose flower essence energy

                                  a special quality of Her Being for each woman ( no words can describe this ! )








    Rose Pink 1 - Hea Hio Butterfly Essence

    From Divine Mother : a Pink rose flower essence energy

                                       a spacial quality of her Being for each woman ( no words can describe this ! )

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  • CE g ).   ́Language Learning ́  Essence. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    This optimizes the abilities to learn a language and increase IQ and general mental abilities. The key essence is ‘Northern Bottlenose Whale’, which has a specific property of improving our language learning abilities.. The other essences all work to sharpen and improve mental powers, and improve the ability to learn languages. It also brings out greater levels of IQ and intelligence that we may not have been previously aware of, and will be a great help in doing examinations and mental tests.

    Northern Bottlenose Whale  & Baiji Dolphin

    Indigo 2 Butterfly Essence – Kimia Kelhira

    Indigo 3 Butterfly Essence - Vima Tokaron

    Arafura File Snake essence

    Common Tropical Octopus


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  • CE h). 'Slimming Essence'. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    All these essences speeden up the action of the Etheric Body to help to burn up calories. They also work on the consciousness to reduce the desire for food, but only in a totally natural way, by balancing the body/mind equilibrium. There is an increased ability to get energy from "Prana" with the Mango flower essence, and overcoming the desire for  ́junk foods and drinks’ with the Giant Clam sea essence. This essence will not overcome the weight gain caused by emotional blockages or mental blockages.

    Orca Whale &  Commerson's Dolphin

    “Dog Rose of the Wild Forces” flower essence

    “Mango” flower essence

    "Morning Glory" flower essence

     Giant Clam sea essence


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  • CE i ) “Solar Rescue Essence”. 20ml pipette & 30ml spray
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    This was born out of a terrible mishap that my wife had in 1999, and proved to be a remarkable mixture of essences for emergencies. It is a strong support to use in traumatic events, as well as for daily needs for well-being. Connects us up with the 'Source' of Light and Life - the Sun !

    Solar Logos Being energy
    8 sub rays of Love Ray

    Common Tropical Octopus
    Deep Purple/Magenta three Butterfly Essence- “Xifa 

    Royal Blue three Butterfly Essence – “Tori Sommarion”

    Orca Whale & Commerson’s Dolphin


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  • CE j).   Defence against the Dark Forces
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    This essence, ’Defence against the Dark Forces’ provides us with exactly that. Powerful Light armour and protection against any dark, negative or fearful energy or Being. We can feel very strong, centred and totally protected by all the Forces of Light, no matter what the degree of difficulty or challenge we may be facing. We can feel totally cleansed and supported by Love and Divine Power in all situations with the help of this essence. It has many applications in people’s lives, but I know it will be particularly strong for cleansing places and people with Light and with Love, and for exorcising bad spirits from places and people. 

    . pure Divine Light protection from OM

    . Hourglass Dolphin

    • ‘T flower’ essence.

    • Sperm Whale  

     • Viperfish

    • Common Sea Urchin

    • Wima Pilliron - Olive 3 Butterfly Essence

     • Nina Sirion - Silver 3 Butterfly Essence 

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  • CE k).
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    New Magical Music & Sound Therapy ESSENCE.

    Pacific Whitesided Dolpin Essence
    Australian Snubfin Dolphin Essence
    Beluga Whale
    Southern Right Whale
    Turquoise 3 Butterfly Essence - Tira Winirion
    Deep Turquoise 2 Butterfly Essence - Positha Tisika
    Nautilus Sea Essence
    Kilhia, Elvish music energy
    This Combination Essence was created for the concert of Carrie Tree and Nathan Ball at Badgers Farm on 29th October, 2015. It is for all lovers and creators of music and for Sound Therapists. It takes the finest energies in the natural world for the enhancement of music and puts them together to enhance all levels of work with sound and music for healing and enjoyment. The sound resonances are enhanced and refined by this essence so we become the music and the music becomes us. It can really open up anyone for sound work and deepen the effect of all the sound resonances on the Being. It can sensitive to the sound therapy from the natural world from beings such as Dolphins.
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  • CE L)
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    Divine Cleanse and Detox Essence .   

    This essence is a gift from Creation to Humanity to naturally bring about a deep cleansing to us and our environment, with the finest energies for this purpose from a wide spectrum of Beings. We live in a very toxic environment which also has a very detrimental effect on many beings in our  world , and produces many problems with wellbeing at several levels. The quality of our health and life generally really suffers, and this essence helps to really restore everything, bringing many benefits.
        Use this whenever there is a need for cleansing or a detox in your personal or larger environment. It is best used as a spray and it can be used to clear many types of toxicity.
    Divine Love Energy
    Silver 3 Butterfly Essence - 'Nina Sirion"
    Blue Ringed Octopus Sea Ess.
    Vampire Squid Sea Ess.
    Beluga Whale
    Risso's Dolphin
    Herkimer Diamond
    Seraphim Angel - RIK
    Cherubim Angel - ALAMEA
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