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Butterfly Essences are a Gift from the Divine. They are actually the Light/Colour frequencies of Cosmic Energy from the Divine Planes and are part of the life energies coming to us from the Sun. Each Butterfly Essence is an individual Colour Ray held in a potent form in pure water, preserved with some brandy. They are very uplifting and transformative in their effects ,and each one acts like a key to unlock and uplift a different part of what we are. We are Light Beings composed of all these Rays, so a Butterfly Essence is the most natural energy to take into your Being and bring real wellbeing, joy and quality to our lives.
They are the Divine Colour energies channeled by Butterflies but they are NOT made from butterflies - they are actually energized by Colour Beings from the Sun ,who normally send these energies to us through butterflies and sunlight. So we need not be concerned by cruelty to butterflies or biodegradibility, because these essences can remain fresh and potent for years if stored well. A few sprays or drops per day can positively bring transformation to us in many many ways, as well as act as major tools for our personal evolution.
There are 3 Groups of these essences, each group addressing a particular part of our Being:
Group 3 Butterfly Essences ( BE 1 - 28 ) - these work primarily on our Heart and Solar Plexus chakras (and the Astral and Emotional subtle bodies). Through the heart chakra they enhance creativity in many ways, bring love, facilitate spiritual connections, improve meditation, integrate and unify our Being and restore wellbeing through harmonic resonance. Through the Solar Plexus chakra they uplift the emotions to counter depression and negativity, help problem solving, help relationships, vitality and worldly issues.
Group 2 Butterfly Essences ( BE 29-56 ) - these work primarily on the Brow and Throat chakras ( and the Mental and Causal subtle bodies ). Through the brow chakra they can help to improve mental functioning in a many ways, help us to clarify our purpose on earth and make it conscious, help us overcome and transform bad habits and regressive mental patterns ,and expand our vision of ourselves and our Spiritual connection. Through the throat chakra our will power can be strenghtened and aligned, communication and relationships improved, confidence and self expression boosted and brings more power with success to our daily work.
Group 1 Butterfly Essences ( BE 57 - 84 ) - these work on primarily on our Crown chakra ( and our Soul subtle body ). These are the tools for our Spiritual/Soul evolution and have a myriad of wonderful properties. These include better contact and communication with Angels, Divine Beings and our Spirit Guides, bliss and deep peace, solving every type of problem we can imagine, improving meditation and mantras, opening to Divine Beauty and Love, and opening to total wellbeing. There are many other wonderful properties to these essences and a read of my book on "Butterfly and Sea Essences - An Introductory Guide" is recommended.
All prices on this website are ex VAT. VAT where applicable will be automatically added at checkout. As of now you can purchase the essences through the Web shop starting with a special offer:
There is free postage in the UK for any order up to 1000 grams in weight !!

These Essences are for those who need essences for a particular reason quickly, and in a very convenient form. They were years in the planning but came about only when all the Dolphin and Whale Essences came through - this is because the key to the effectiveness of these combinations is having the right dolphin and whale essences in that combination. The dolphins and whales perfectly integrate and synergize all the other essences together, to work together in a more focussed and powerful way.

Please try them out as I think you will agree that they work very effectively, and perhaps you will find that they help for many other things than those stated, so please add to the Blog, any comments and experiences that you may have for these. They come in either 20ml violet glass bottle drops or a 30ml violet glass spray, so use them in the form that suits you best.   

 E N J O Y !



  All prices on this website are ex VAT. VAT where applicable will be automatically added at checkout. As of now you can purchase the essences through the Web shop starting with a special offer:
there is free postage in the UK for any order up to 1000 grams in weight !!

  • Dolphin Essences
  • Whale Essences


    These essences are "Master Energies"  in our world to support us in our lives, as well as blend and integrate the actions of all essences to work together optimally, for each person's unique life situation. The dolphins.are the ' Love Beings' of these two, supporting us in a most practical and loving way, and they align with the feminine side of life. The whales.are the 'Power Beings' supporting us in a most energetic, strenghtening and direct way, and align with the masculine side of life.
    We are entering a 'New Age', and it is the wish of the dolphins and whales themselves to link very closely with us to help us to improve life on earth, and solve the myriad of problems that the human race has created. These essences are a potent and practical way to link with the different species of dolphins and whales both for our own quality of life, and to help our whole planet .They are our brothers and sisters in the ocean and they understand us intuitively very well, and research work with these essences in Japan has shown, that with the help of these essences dolphins and whales make personal relationships with us as good friends. Like a good partner they love and support us beautifully in our life on earth and help to provide solutions to our many problems.
    The Whales and Dolphins are 'Cetaceans' and many believe that they are at least as intelligent as we are, possibly more so. Spiritually and physically they have been Guardians of this Earth for millenia and they take this role very seriously, and they cleanse and harmonize the 'energy matrix' of the oceans and seas, as they are swimming around. The songs of the whales are more than just curiousities - they are  very important and vital sound resonances that hold the whole earth together, and are responsible for the harmonious functioning of life on this planet. The time has come to wake up to an incredible reality that has always been, but which we are only beginning to become aware of. These essences will help us to link with our oceanic brothers and sisters for our personal and planetary wellbeing !



     All prices on this website are ex VAT. VAT where applicable will be automatically added at checkout. As of now you can purchase the essences through the Web shop starting with a special offer:
    There is free postage in the UK for any order up to 1000 grams in weight !!

    This is a brand new exciting range of products initiated by the Goddesses of the Divine Planes for all humanity, to help us through this challenging time by supporting us with their love and care. For the first time the Power of Love is rising through the feminine elements of Life propelled by the Energies of Heaven, as they connect with and uplift the energies of Earth. Heaven is literally coming to Earth to transform us back to our Heavenly Home and Divine State of Being ! This is one of the most exciting events ever, and to support this our Female Divinities are giving us their Being Energy with particular Celestial Angel Energies, and our Sea and Butterfly friends energies in these Elixirs. Never before has such a lovely product been available energised by the Female Divinities of Life.


    There will eventually be seven of these Goddess Elixirs in the series and their names will be given in some cases in the Japanese forms and in other cases by the Solar and Divine names given to Erik by them personally. The beautiful image we are privileged to use for the set is painted by Pamela Matthews from New Zealand, and the top of this image is being used on the labels. Each label will be tinted with the colour pertinent to that Goddess Elixir. e.g. Gold for Amateras, Silver for Ayesha and Pink for Kaya, the Divine Mother. These colour energies will be energised into each elixir in the form of the three frequencies of colour that are found in the three groups of Butterfly essences e.g. Kaya is energised by Pink 1,2, & 3. The colour of the bottle also reflects this, so Kaya is in a pink bottle. Each Elixir has a characteristic perfume in a pure natural form and is a natural perfume chosen by that Goddess e.g. orange for Amateras, Melissa for Ayesha and Rose for Kaya.


    The Sea Essences are a vital part of our world, and are key energies for harmonizing and helping relationships. They also act on difficult past life events and bring them to wholeness and harmony, and they are the most comprehensive tools to do this. When we look at the quality of life that we experience day by day, most of the time it is the quality and wellbeing of our relationships that is most important to us. Like the seas and oceans which connect everything, sea essences connect everything and everyone, and bring about the harmonious and happy functioning of our relationships. They also impact on our personal being very postively, as relationship harmony and personal harmony are very interlinked. Their properties go well beyond the human sphere as they can help all aspects of our world, including animals, plants and even "Gaia" the Earth being herself.
    They are divided into 4 sets :
    Set 1 - these are some fundamental and important essences for relationships, helping some tricky issues and basic problems. They are the foundation of the                                                     Sea Essence System and are a good 1st set of Essences to use frequently.
    Set 2 - this is an intermediate and exciting set of Sea Essences. It includes the first Dolphin and Whale Essences made and the most unusual and powerful                                                       Sea Essence, the 'Giant Sea Spider'. We have our first deep sea creature essence, and all this set are important essences for our dailylives.
    Set 3 - this is an advanced set of Sea Essences, and essential to those who want to work very deeply with others. They include quite a few deep sea                                                                  creatures whose effects act very strongly into past lives and our deep subconscious, bringing relief form some of the most pressing issues.
     Set 4 - is a new set of Sea Mammal Essences and this is still coming into being. These are very uplifting and helpful in important areas of our lives, and                                                              begiin with Manta Ray. This proved to be the most important essence for me personally as I was facing one of the biggest crises of my life. These are essences for people who want to fully explore the connections between the oceans and our wellbeing, and benefit from them.    
    All prices on this website are ex VAT. VAT where applicable will be automatically added at checkout. As of now you can purchase the essences through the Web shop starting with a special offer:
    There is free postage in the UK for any order up to 1000 grams in weight !!

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