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The Butterfly Essences



Butterfly Essences are a Gift from the Divine. They are actually the Light/Colour frequencies of Cosmic Energy from the Divine Planes and are part of the life energies coming to us from the Sun. Each Butterfly Essence is an individual Colour Ray held in a potent form in pure water, preserved with some brandy. They are very uplifting and transformative in their effects ,and each one acts like a key to unlock and uplift a different part of what we are. We are Light Beings composed of all these Rays, so a Butterfly Essence is the most natural energy to take into your Being and bring real wellbeing, joy and quality to our lives.
They are the Divine Colour energies channeled by Butterflies but they are NOT made from butterflies - they are actually energized by Colour Beings from the Sun, who normally send these energies to us through butterflies and sunlight. So we need not be concerned by cruelty to butterflies or biodegradibility, because these essences can remain fresh and potent for years if stored well. A few sprays or drops per day can positively bring transformation to us in many many ways, as well as act as major tools for our personal evolution.
There are 3 Groups of these essences, each group addressing a particular part of our Being:
Group 3 Butterfly Essences ( BE 1 - 28 ) - these work primarily on our Heart and Solar Plexus chakras (and the Astral and Emotional subtle bodies). Through the heart chakra they enhance creativity in many ways, bring love, facilitate spiritual connections, improve meditation, integrate and unify our Being and restore wellbeing through harmonic resonance. Through the Solar Plexus chakra they uplift the emotions to counter depression and negativity, help problem solving, help relationships, vitality and worldly issues.
Group 2 Butterfly Essences ( BE 29-56 ) - these work primarily on the Brow and Throat chakras ( and the Mental and Causal subtle bodies ). Through the brow chakra they can help to improve mental functioning in a many ways, help us to clarify our purpose on earth and make it conscious, help us overcome and transform bad habits and regressive mental patterns,and expand our vision of ourselves and our Spiritual connection. Through the throat chakra our will power can be strenghtened and aligned, communication and relationships improved, confidence and self expression boosted and brings more power with success to our daily work.
Group 1 Butterfly Essences ( BE 57 - 84 ) - these work on primarily on our Crown chakra ( and our Soul subtle body ). These are the tools for our Spiritual/Soul evolution and have a myriad of wonderful properties. These include better contact and communication with Angels, Divine Beings and our Spirit Guides, bliss and deep peace, solving every type of problem we can imagine, improving meditation and mantras, opening to Divine Beauty and Love, and opening to total wellbeing. There are many other wonderful properties to these essences and a read of my book on "Butterfly and Sea Essences - An Introductory Guide" is recommended.
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  • BE 29. Sinninia Rommala – Pale Golden Yellow 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Alleviation of frustration. It is a very beautiful and gentle energy, which softens and refines our energy state, bringing the gold of wisdom to the yellow of happiness and well-being. The paleness of this colour indicates that the effect is more ethereal than earthly, and it connects us with higher sources of wisdom and happiness. When this connection happens, the frustration, irritability and blocked energies we might be experiencing from an earthly situation just dissolve, and are replaced by a calm, deep and beautiful wisdom flowing into the mind and will from the higher realms. Breathing instantly deepens as blocked emotional energy no longer constricts the lungs and the breathing, and wisdom energy activates the mind to see and bring about a higher solution to any problems we may be experiencing.
    We connect effortlessly to angelic wisdom so we find the right way to deal with challenges, without being uptight, tense or violent. There is a resonance effect from the mental body to uplift the emotions with this essence with wisdom and balance. This brings intense peacefulness and harmony with a lovely lightness and ease. This then brings real acceptance of the situation which the dissolves frustration, bringing real peace.
    This essence is particularly good for people who experience physical disabilities or restrictions to their freedom, which can make them, feel very ‘uptight’ (tense and irritable). Once the emotions are ‘uptight’, or restricted in their flow, the mind becomes impaired in its ability to find a solution to the problems. This creates the state we call frustration, which is probably one of the very commonest conditions of people who trying to achieve something and improve things in the world. ‘Sinninia Romala’ brings relief to this condition as well as opening us to divine beauty and abundance which is all around us the whole time, but which we close off to through our frustrations due to earthly problems. The state of frustration also locks up the will from empowering us to find a solution, and this colour harmonises the mind and the will through the gold aspect, which brings wisdom.
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  • BE 30. Sissinka Soseino – Silver 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Discernment and mental Clarity.It brings greater light into our perceptions, so all our perceptions are heightened and sensitivity to the nature and energy of the world around us increases. It brings a greater ability to see things as they really are, so it helps us overcome illusions, especially those which are conditioned by belief systems such as in religions or cults. This makes it a powerful tool to de-condition a mind, which has been programmed or fixed onto some belief system or other. In this respect it can be seen as a cleanser of the mind, clearing or cleansing any former biased patterns of consciousness, just as the silver energy of group 3 (Nina Sirion) can cleanse crystals and spaces. This makes it a powerful essence to restore true discernment to the mind and to clear our will of disharmonious motivations.
    It is an illuminator of consciousness as it helps us to see clearly the underlying energies and thoughts behind different manifestations in the physical world. We can perceive the energy behind form and see the motivations of others more clearly, when they affect us or that which is close to us. It helps us to see to the ‘core’ of any problem and not be distracted by side issues or alibis. This is very useful for those doing exams or who have some difficult problem to solve. This brings us the quality of mental clarity and therefore an increased ability to focus the mind and will on important issues.
    This essence also produces a ‘higher’ spiritual clarity within us, clearing any blockages or confusion in the soul body. This can facilitate a conscious connection with the high spiritual realms and beings, so ‘guidance’ can improve, and we bring the quality of true discernment into our consciousness. Discernment comes when all distortions and confusion are removed from the soul level as well as the mental level in us, and this is what the silver light does at this frequency. When we have a true resonance with high spirit then we can really see all issues clearly, and this is the ‘gift’ of this essence.
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  • BE 31. Tiyan Riyalla – Lilac 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    This is truly a most exquisite essence, which is hard to describe in words, as it really must be experienced. The first perception on taking this essence is a most exquisite softness and a feeling of deep caring centred in the heart. The mind can focus extraordinarily well on the smallest details with great ease, and that little detail can receive the undivided attention of your consciousness. In a relationship this means giving your companion your total and undivided attention without any distractions, and really caring for them very deeply. It is actually a very angelic expression of love, because like the ’lilac three’ it is the soul and heart acting together, so bringing deep consideration for others. With ‘lilac two’ the effect is focussed in our perceptions, and application of our will/mind energy to whoever we are with. It can also be very aggravating if forced distractions come along because the mind literally wants to shut out everything except that which it is focussed on.
    Visually it is like applying a soft focus filter to our eyes, as the definition of that which is around what we are focussed on becomes less, but what we are focussed on becomes more beautiful and more precious to us. As lilac is a pale version of purple there is definitely an effect on our perception of visual beauty, and because of the ethereality of this colour hue and frequency, it is very much about seeing the Divine/Angelic beauty in everything. There is an attunement of the consciousness to all beauty, so the consciousness itself is very much beautified by this essence.
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  • BE 32. Mikia Kilhima – Pale Turquoise 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Spirit Communication. When first using this essence there may be a perceptible enhancement of hearing, as well as a balancing and harmonising of the cones of hearing inside the aura. The real purpose of this essence though is to help those who want to develop close communication skills with the spiritual world to do so. It attunes the mind and will to the communication frequencies used by many higher dimensional beings, so an attunement to communicate with them can develop. It cannot automatically bestow gifts of spirit contact and communication, but it will help the development of such gifts when the potential is clearly there. It can help to clear blockages and problems in the region of spirit hearing and communication, such as those which can be left from past life traumas and experiences. For example if you had psychic gifts in a past life and you were tortured or even killed for them, this can produce a block in this area of our consciousness. If you wish to heal this block and restore those gifts this essence can really help you do so.
    This essence is to help those who have a natural need for higher contacts and communication as a result of their past work and motivations. It can help us to tune into heavenly music, or the cosmic sounds of the galaxies (the music of the spheres). For those who work with sacred resonance with techniques such as chanting, mantras, sacred dance and playing musical instruments, this will prove an excellent tool.
    This essence also tunes us into the higher communication network around this planet, used frequently by dolphins, whales and the great tree beings for example. Those of us working with them will find this essence a useful tool to bring greater co-operation, harmony and contact with these beings. This is very useful as these are the ‘master beings’ who look after the quality of earthly etheric / physical life. Also for anyone working with sound therapies this is an excellent helper, as there is much work done now to combine the therapeutic properties of colour and sound.
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  • BE 33 Rialiki Ninila – Blue 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    “I believe I can fly” essence is an essence for expanding your possibilities in whatever situation that you are in, so we experience the dissolving of limits and the true power of our Divine possibilities. This essence can open up completely new doors in our life, rejuvenating our mind and will together, bringing relaxation, dissolving mental stress and motivating the will to new horizons of possibility in our lives. Helps us make our dreams come true.
    This is a universal motivator, and one of the first experiences of this essence is an explosive expansion of the consciousness into whatever greater possibilities we can imagine. It can free us up from our own self imposed limitations, rather than the limitations that others put on us, and it can help us to reformulate our life-plan in a positive and progressive way. This is very good in the conception and implementation of new ideas and projects, for example in our working life, when we desire positive change and progressive growth. We feel mentally rejuvenated with a lot more will to achieve, without frustration or confusion.
    Use this essence when you need and desire positive change, but be prepared for a complete change of mind on something. It will simply not be possible to hold onto aspects of the past when this essence starts working with you. Our motivation can be much improved and we can get out of old ruts and habits much easier with the help of this essence. It opens new possibilities for us, yet we can still maintain our commitment to older positive ones, and it can be a great support in any great changes in our life, such as change of house or job for example.
    It brings great peace and well-being to our consciousness, with an exciting edge to motivate us into new things in our life. This is the “I believe I can fly” essence and can be a positive tool for greater freedom and progress in many situations. Whenever we need to break bad or outdated habits this can be a great help, including the overcoming of psychological addictions to drugs for example.

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  • BE 34. Tikia Solaria – Deep Indigo 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    It is a very unusual butterfly essence in that it has a more physical effect, but it is very high frequency colour energy (so it activates at a high point in the being). It is a very dark hue, almost black in fact, so it works strongly in towards the denser being, and it is Indigo, so it activates on the mental body or brow chakra, so it specifically works on the brain energy connections.
    This essence may help to restore some mental functioning after accident, shock or trauma. It can encourage some connections to be restored so helping thinking and overall mental functioning, where there may have been impairment of this due to some sudden event. It can also help the mental body to fully integrate and ‘ground itself’ into the brain structure, so the brain as a ‘computer’ works optimally. It can perform a strong integration role between the ‘earthly mind’ in the solar plexus chakra and our ‘physical mind’ structure.
    ‘Deep indigo two’ also helps the etheric restoration of the brain, and here it helps the restoring of nervous energy flow, synapse regeneration and the re-patterning of consciousness in brain tissue, especially the activation of previously unused areas of the brain.
    It also has an effect on consciousness, to initiate new ways of thinking and motivating ourselves, and has quite a profound effect to facilitate such changes when we need them. This has proved an important tool in group exercises on courses, when new ways need to be found to deal with certain issues. It can bring in such new ways beautifully into our daily lives through its strong integrating and connecting function. This is therefore a very practical essence to help better mental functioning all round.
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  • BE 35. Winia Ririaka – Deep Coral 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    This essence has a relationship enhancing effect as it can harmonise the energies of a couple, or group of people with this colour in the will. It also has the ability to harmonise levels of etheric / physical energy, so promoting physical well-being. This is a resonance effect coming from its integrating/harmonising action on the astral body.
    Unlike the Group 3 coral there is no effect on sensuality or sexual energies. It has a strong link with sea essences as it is a relationship enhancer and a restorer of individual well-being. Here it is interesting to note that corals form a very large part of the ocean life, so here is a good link with the colour.
    Coral is a colour hue which harmonises with human flesh, so it can harmonise different energy bodies with the fleshly body, and it is the colour of social interaction and co-operation. In an interaction with someone else, well-being is largely determined by the compatibility of our energy fields with the other, and the nature of the interpersonal energy field which exists between two people. If these are in a high degree of harmony then many aspects of the emotional and mental bodies spontaneously harmonise with each other – this essence facilitates this.
    Coral acts like a binding agent or glue between two people’s energies, so the deeper hue of this colour acting on the mental and causal bodies has a linking and harmonising action on the energy fields of two people, creating common ground between them in effect. The darker hue being a more earthly effect, just as a paler hue would have a more ethereal effect - the darker hue also accounts for the more physical effect of this essence, so it acts to harmonise etheric energy flows.
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  • BE 36. Sinhema Takia – Rose Pink 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    This essence produces a great softness and perceptiveness to the whole being, tuning in our feminine side to a high octave of pure beauty. Each person is both masculine and feminine in different aspects of their being, and particularly in the psyche, so this essence enhances the feminine side of both sexes. The essence of ‘Sinhema Takia’ brings deep perceptions into the true nature of things, but it does so without judgement in the consciousness and without the identification (which is a foundation of conflict in itself). This essence brings in the energy of the feminine Divine consciousness, which is pure love and which respects all beings equally. This alone would negate even the possibility of conflict, which is why world-wide conflicts are primarily a male phenomenon.
    This essence opens up the consciousness to the beauty of each Soul on earth, and helps us see behind the ‘mask’ of our external appearance, to the incredible beauty within each person coming from their Soul. When I first made this essence in a butterfly house in East Anglia, I saw the face of people I passed as a mask, behind which was their beautiful eternal face. The cares of each person’s situation were etched on this mask, and I could feel the pain of this world simply by looking at each face - what I was actually experiencing was ‘Divine female consciousness’, I believe.
    The cares of this world can be dissolved with the help of this essence, and for women it can be very supportive of their natural femininity and their dignity. As it brings a consciousness alignment with the ‘Divine Mother’ it activates total well-being in any female. The complete energy of respect, dignity and love is amplified by this essence so the purest consciousness of a woman in enhanced. Greater awareness of true femininity results with a deep respect for yourself and others – this is what improves female dignity.
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  • BE 37. Isiaki Rillika – Warm Olive 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    This essence may be very helpful for the heart to stimulate deep caring, to increase sensitivity and a sense of empathy with others. It brings wisdom to this quality as well, making it an important essence for social and therapeutic situations, where we are trying to help others. It also gives us the wisdom to see where we need to place our boundaries with others so we don't get compromised or taken advantage of. In other words it helps us protect ourselves where this is needed.
    There is a beautiful expansion of the consciousness of the heart centre to embrace all beings and the universe in love, and it enhances a very practical application of love - that of caring. It brings about a real empathy with others by stimulating this quality in the emotions through the resonant connection of mind and emotions, but it brings it fully into consciousness through the mind and the will. It stimulates our conscious heart connection with the whole cosmos, so we can also access many levels of support through this energy coming from other planets and planes of being. So when we need help and support and nothing seems to be coming to us, this essence can open us to what really exists there for us in the universe.
    Counselling skills and other ways to help other people will be much helped because it brings the gold of wisdom with the olive of empathy and compassion. It can help us to find solutions to difficult social situations, through accessing universal wisdom and bringing a deep natural caring through empathy. It will not affect fear as it is at a
    higher frequency than this energy, but it can activate our consciousness to finding solutions to fearful or intimidating situations.
    In this ‘New Age’ we need to find new ways to really help others, who may not be easy to reach. This is a wonderful tool to connect consciously in a practical and helpful way with those who really need us, but whom we seemed blocked from being able to help. The gold aspect of this essence is very important as it relates to wisdom to know what is appropriate and what is not.

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  • BE 38. Rillenka Mamakia – Pale Indigo 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    This is an essence for the expansion of our conscious perception of everything around us, leading to greater awareness and a fuller life. It brings great light to our thinking, and especially to the conscious perception of everything so we are more aware of what is going on, and our conscious response to what is going on is improved. It brings the quality of insight, so thinkers will like this essence as many solutions to problems and issues will be found more easily with the help of this essence. Our mind then has a greater ability to process and integrate perceptions so we can handle everything better and more consciously.
    This essence will prove a great tool in helping people with any sort of mental or perceptual impairment to full and normal functioning. This ranges from people with mental disabilities, learning disabilities, autism, dyslexia and those who lack awareness. It will help anyone who has had sensory deprivation for long periods (such as in illness or prison) to restore normal functioning and well-being. It can help the mind to activate to a higher consciousness and awareness to bring greater fulfilment in life, so it helps the expansion of consciousness in many ways.
    It brings great peace and harmony to the mental body and our thinking, and it links with higher mind energy and universal consciousness. Those people who are expanding their consciousness and thinking in many areas, will be helped by this essence. The activity of the mind can be optimised and many of its functions will be
    enhanced, but particularly those aspects relating to perception and awareness. It can bring those who are more evolved to greater conscious awareness of the spiritual realities of life, helping to dispel illusions and enhancing understanding.
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  • BE 39. Winnolia Vimmala – Pink 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    This essence brings an effortless ability to handle all the complexities of relationships more easily, and to prioritise what is important to us in our relationships, and what we can discard or move away from. It could also be termed the ‘clarity in relationships’ essence, as it helps us to become clear about what we want in a relationship, or more importantly what we want to avoid! We can also see other people’s relationships more clearly, so it would help a relationship counsellor to give the right sort of advice to people that were trying to help. We become very aware of the web of interconnections in relationships in general, and how we relate to that ourselves.
    ‘Winnolia Vimmala’ is all about handling love in the mind and the will, helping us to see ourselves in relationship with others more clearly, and becoming clear of our course of action in the many possible relationship situations that we all face. For those who have had many failed marriages or partnerships this will be especially useful, as so many problems in relationships are due to a lack of consciousness about ourselves in relationships. This essence helps us to see ourselves as other people see us, rather than as we like to think we are being seen, so it helps to create good relationships through realism and objectivity.
    Rather than enhancing love, or the ability to love, this essence enhances our ability to handle love, and to put it in the right place in our consciousness and our life. It gives the much-needed ability of mental clarity in relationships, which is so often lacking to the detriment of all concerned. It is a great help in all long-term relationships such as marriages to keep the relationship alive and vital, and keep clear of pitfalls coming from our desires. It can help those who have a problem to ‘be loving’, to manifest love in their thoughts and actions and to create true harmony in their relationships.
    In social situations it helps us to be clear about a whole network of relationships between people, and who is relating to whom and in what way. In this way it is a tool to bring harmony to a whole group of people.
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  • BE 40. Sisia Kikala – Deep Blue Violet 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    The keywords to describe this essence are “Doorway to the Inner Worlds”. It is a strong meditation essence leading us deep inside ourselves.
    This essence leads us into the world of imagination and the subconscious and it is an exploration tool for those who want to go deep within. In our subconscious we can find many answers to our own life, such as who we are, what influences have brought us to this point of consciousness, and where should one look to find a solution to this problem. It is a very quieting essence, which can take us to a point of deep inner silence, and to appreciate it one needs silence and an absence of distraction.
    In meditation it can help us to explore the spiritual realms, but as it is a deep colour hue it works more into us than out to the higher worlds, so it is an energy to ‘explore within’, but can help in connecting to the spiritual world too. It works on the same frequency as the ‘Moth essences', which are ‘doorways’ to the subconscious mind. These are ‘keys’ to the sub-conscious mind. Moths are butterflies of the night and are much connected with night, the moon and magic in many traditions. Their energies are useful tools for those wishing to explore their own sub-conscious mind and the frontiers of consciousness. It can help us to explore our ‘dark side’ and uncover subconscious motivations It is a key to making our subconscious really conscious, so it is a powerful tool for self-knowledge.
    It can help us access much inner knowledge through the subconscious mind and it can help past life recall through its ability to open aspects of the psyche. (The psyche is the storehouse of all past life experiences, located in the Astral body, which is strongly linked to the subconscious mind). Therapies involving hypnosis can be enhanced with this essence and it can help in most systems to access true self- knowledge, and well-being from that.
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  • BE 41. Vivia Lasaya – Deep Yellow Gold 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Sunshine of the Mind. ‘Vivia Lasaya’ is an antidepressant, which works on the mental level, but not directly on the emotions. It does uplift the emotions with an indirect complimentary effect. So it works well where a depressed state exists because of an impairment of mind or will, such as depression in autistic people. It brings hope when our outlook is pessimistic, and positive drive when we may feel lost or directionless. The energy contains the gold of wisdom, so there is a connection with ‘higher self’ and the spiritual realms to help us to find the right direction. It can help us when we feel ‘grey’ and colourless, and our creativity has dried up, for this essence stimulates creativity and talent.
    . We can express more warmth and positivity to other people, and consequently help them more to express these qualities to others. So it has a social dimension in enhancing the tendencies we have to help others and to really give others our care and attention. In group situations this is important, as it will help much more to be achieved by keeping group energies positive, clear and optimistic.
    It also brings clarity to the mind, with wisdom, so it can help in challenging situations where things may get very unclear and disharmonious. Healers and therapists may find this essence useful as it will help to prevent them taking on depressive or disharmonious states from those they are trying to help. It can help anyone to reconnect with his or her own source of inner psychological well-being, and help to transform the energies of others positively for mutual well-being. When helping those who are ‘physically challenged", this essence can enhance creative therapies such as music, dance or visual arts. For anyone this essence can help restore psychological well-being.
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  • BE 42. Ristiya Tashisi – Deep Royal Blue 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    This is a power essence, which brings clarity to the mind and motivation to the will. It integrates mental and will energies giving greater clarity and energy to both.
    Many people can benefit from this essence, as most of us need more power and clarity in different situations. This can help to really motivate us to a task and then keep us on the task till it is completed, so it is a very good work essence. It won’t give greater physical power, but does increase our ‘earthly will’ to do something, improving drive and stamina. This means that it will help with any demanding mentally based task that must be accomplished such as in an exam, or business meeting. We can maintain complete clarity in our will and our thoughts, and have the drive to complete a task successfully with the help of this essence. We can better integrate the will with the rest of our being through the empowerment of the astral body, so we gain total motivation and power to successfully complete tasks and face challenges. This is very useful as so often our emotions dilute any clear will we have to do something – with this essence the emotions come into line and will help, not hinder successful completion of a task. This is because the empowerment of the astral body actually empowers the rest of the being through its co-ordination function.
    Mind and will are better integrated by this essence, which is why it can be very good for therapies for mental handicapped or autistic people, and it will be very useful in the future in this area. We can keep a clear focus of thought, whilst having the willpower to complete a task successfully, so mental distractions don’t constantly hamper us from being able to complete something. People whose willpower has been weakened in some way, such as drug users who use cannabis, can be greatly helped by this essence.
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  • BE 43. Sasia Shalanka – Pale Orangey Red 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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     Sasia Shalanka – Pale Orangey Red.
      Keywords:            Renewal of Consciousness
    Thhis is a very dynamic and activating essence for the mind and will, whose main property is breaking old patterns of thinking and doing, and creating new and positive consciousness.                                                                                                                     This is a great help for people stuck in bad habits or negative patterns of doing things. It is very activating to the mind and our motivation, bringing our will towards greater harmony and spirituality (pale colour for spirituality and the gold in it for harmony).

    It helps us to change with ease and learn new things without pain or difficulty, and helps us to let go of the past, releasing past illusions. It brings freshness to the thinking and openness to the personality, so it is useful in very many situations, mainly when we face big changes and need to respond to them.
    It is useful in many therapeutic situations, helping us to renew our consciousness – it is especially useful in treating mental conditions such as schizophrenia or autism. It can also help us to release stress and neuroses about things, as these are both the result of a build up of disharmony from the past. It can help us to alter our self-image, so we are not bound by past perceptions on what our limitations are. It helps us to keep young in our minds because it breaks down rigidity of thinking, and opening us up to new ways of seeing and new ways to find solutions to problems.
    Because the colour is quite close to Coral, it also helps our harmonisation with others in work and joint projects, bringing a soft harmony and sensuality to the Being. By clearing patterns of consciousness from the past, it helps new ideas to come in and new realities to be actualised. So co-operative ventures are enhanced with this energy, instilling a sense of excitement and progress. It will be very good for inventors and designers to be more creative to the higher impulses of Life and it can bring higher inspiration, as it connects us up with higher vibrations of this colour in Creation
    An exciting New Age essence.

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  • BE 44. Xifia Kirrana – Deep mid Blue 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Xifia Kirrana – Deep mid Blue.
    Keywords: Empowerment of self expression

    This is a will strenghtener, which greatly helps us to express ourselves in many ways, much better.
    This is a confidence booster for the shy, or insecure person giving them greater power to express themselves. If we are speaking, singing or performing in public this will help us to do those better, by strengthening our will to perform better and really express ourselves. It improves articulation in speech and attunement with power in singing and performing. Any type of self-expression is helped, and this can be used to help:
    Stammerers to overcome stammering.
    Autistic people to express themselves better, maybe aiding speech if this is starting.
    Dyslexic people with their words
    Introverted people to become more extrovert
    Timid people to gain confidence, and express themselves fearlessly.
    You see this can help a very wide range of problems and situations, and it is working especially strongly on the Causal body, in the area of will and self-expression.
    If we have built up complexes and insecurities up about ourselves, then we may have low self-esteem and fear. By improving the power of our self expression, this essence can trigger a whole series of improvements in other areas of the Being, as it is this particular aspect of will that holds so many of our problems in place-so see this also as a catalyst to help many problems find their solution in ourselves. It can be used to trigger a whole series of improvements in lifestyle, job and relationships.
    Public speakers will especially benefit because not only does it improve the actual aspects of speech itself, it also boosts confidence to express ourselves in the best possible way in the circumstances. Actors and Singers too will really like the way in which this essence can help all aspects of performing and confidence together.

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  • BE 45. Wiaka Sossinka – Golden Coral 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Wiaka Sossinka – Golden Coral 2
    Keywords:              Harmonising our relationship with the world.

    This is a beautiful essence to bring the mind and will into perfect attunement with all levels of activity and life on the Earth, so our relationship with all of it comes into harmony.
    It has the Gold of harmony and wisdom, with the pink of Love, which activates on the mind and will together. This harmonises the mind and will together with each other, and then harmonises them with the complete environment we are in. There is some increase in sensuality, but not in a sexual way, but more like an opening of the senses to all levels of life activity, as well as harmony in our own senses.
       This is a great social enhancer, which will help all types of group activity and co-operation with other people. It will also act to harmonise us with animals, plants, insects, the landscape, motor vehicles, buildings and technology-in fact just about every aspect of our environment. It can help people with mental problems such as schizophrenia, to integrate themselves within themselves and outside themselves much better. It brings co-operation with wisdom and balance, so it can help to sort out community and social issues on a wider scale. Relationships with others will improve as we gain more attunement and harmony with the activities and thoughts of others.
       It brings our intuitive faculties and attention in full contact with our interactions with other people, so any games, play, co-operative projects and work together will improve.
    Family relationships can really benefit too, because it puts parents into the same mental and will space as their children, so co operative activities will be enhanced. Our interactions with animals will really benefit and the degree of attunement to the needs of animals will improve so benefiting animal welfare. It can be combined very well with sea essences for all aspects of relationship improvement and wellbeing.

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  • BE 46. Yoninia Tirikra – Deep Azure Blue 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Yoninia Tirikra – Deep Azure Blue
    Keywords:            Universal Communication Restorer

    This repairs most levels of communication which have broken down, or become disharmonised. It is a colour frequency that many Sea Devas work under, as it is a key frequency in the healing of relationships.
    It brings deep peace and harmony to the area of our communications, and is very harmonising to any inter-personal energy fields, where communication is a problem. It will help any situation where there are communication problems, be it between humans or that communication, which involves technology, so this essence can be, used in restoring communication links of all types and interlinking many levels of communication together.
    In interpersonal relationships this essence can be used for deep attunement, with sea essences such as ‘Common Cuttlefish’ for example, or improvement in communication ability with Gossamer Parasol. When combined with a Sea Essence it will work more powerfully as these essences work synergistically, and support each other to facilitate even deeper wellbeing. It is exciting as it is one of the most potent linking points between Butterfly and Sea essences, or colour and the sea devas, so it has enormous potential to facilitate many levels of wellbeing in relationships.
    It is very effective in helping problems such as Autism as it brings an improvement of communication abilities and a real Reconnection with everyone else. The energies of many Dolphin Soul Beings work at this colour frequency, and these synergise the energies of many sea creatures with other vibrational and colour energies, so this essence can be very good in many mixtures of essences for relationship enhancement. Combined with Dolphin essences it can do wonderful things in the whole field of 

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  • BE 47. Tulka Zennekia – Pale Lemon Yellow 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Tulka Zennekia – Pale Lemon.

    Keywords.          -  Integration of feeling and thinking with clarity.

    This essence enhances our physical senses so hearing becomes clearer, sight is enhanced, touch becomes more intense, smell is increased and there is greater awareness of our interactions with our environment in general. With greater clarity of the self in our environment there is greater harmony and joy, and better awareness and integration with others. We have a greater ability to be objective about ourselves and see ourselves as others see us, so general social skills can improve and things like tactfulness improve.
    Anyone can benefit from this essence as it brings greater clarity and joy in the will and the mind in any situation. It can be used as an instant “pick me up” as well as a longer-term therapy for a wide variety of mental and emotional conditions. This includes Autism, depression and Learning disabilities of many types, as well as much day to day situations in many people’s lives.
    This can also be a very valuable tool in past life therapies, when it can be used to improve past life recall, and can integrate our personality better with what we have done and become in previous lives. Wherever there are traumatic or difficult experiences and the personality experiences disassociation within itself or with the environment this essence can help to reintegrate us again with real wellbeing and cohesiveness.


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  • BE 48. Vonia Yinnoka – Deep Emerald Green 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Vonia Yinnoka – Deep Emerald
    Keywords:          Expression of the Heart

    This is a profoundly beautiful and very deep essence to help us really express our true heart energy in our daily life without fear or feeling suppressed by anyone. It is a key essence for treating Autism as it facilitates a person to express their heart energy clearly even if usual modes of communication are blocked or difficult.
    This is especially for very sensitive people who have a lot of Love and Heart energy to give others, but who find it difficult to take the knocks and the setbacks that life brings who try and remain true to their heart. This brings strength and courage to mentally express their true Self as well as showing this through our actions. It brings deep heart sensitivity to others, helping us feel true compassion and unity with others and their problems.
    There are a lot of people in the world with a lot of Love to give and a lot to offer, but very often it is too daunting and painful to really express their heart (or open their heart) to others. Well with this essence we can really express our Heart energy strongly and clearly without having fears of ridicule, and so really manifest our tenderness to others. For an Autistic person this means to tune into their feelings and express these in a free and balanced way. For some Autistic people this may be a key aspect of their Autism, in which case they should experience some improvement in communication and self-expression.
    It is a Universal essence that can help anyone express matters of the heart more clearly and succinctly, so it can be a help in relationships particularly for the more macho male who may be out of touch with his heart. It could be very useful in marriage counselling and situations where one partner may find it hard to express their true feelings.

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  • BE 49. Ishiani Rolia – Pinkish Violet 2 Butterfly Essences. 15ml
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    Ishiani Rolia – Pinkish Violet
    Keywords:       Attunement of the personality with the Spirit

    It integrates the personality with the Spirit to produce deep peace, effortless wellbeing and a positive state of mind. It is especially indicated for the treatment of schizophrenia to bring the mind into unity and balance with our Spirit and Soul.
           A softness and peacefulness are experienced, and obsessional, neurotic or conflicting tendencies in the personality are dissolved through balance with our Higher Self. It brings a free flowing awareness of all levels with no anxieties or fears, only a trusting in the forces of Spirit to keep all in balance and in full flow in our life. It counters the tendency of the mind to compartmentalise itself into different boxes, which bear no relation to each other- that is exactly what happens in schizophrenia. Instead there is an effortless integration of all parts of our personality, through the Spirit, with the Spirit energy manifesting as a balm between awkward or conflicting parts of the mind.
         The colour is composed with the violet of pure Spirit and the pink of Love, so it is the balm of Love working with Spirit to heal the Being, and in this case, especially the personality. It is a multipurpose essence though which is especially good in shocks and traumas, or when an accident has occurred. Here the action is somewhat similar to deep, purple magenta, or ‘rescue’ base colour, which also helps traumas and shocks. The difference with this is that it is paler and therefore has a more ethereal and physical effect. It brings deep integration and wellbeing to the mind and spirit in particular.
    This is a Universal essence to promote mental/spiritual integration.

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  • BE 50. Positha Tisika – Deep mid Turquoise 2 Butterfly Essences. 15ml
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    Positha Tisika – Deep mid Turquoise
    Keywords:          Merging the experiencer with the experience.New experience of sound

    This is an exciting essence for musicians, music lovers and for the appreciation of all creative experiences. Positha Tisika is a consciousness transformer, which has the property of merging the experiencer and the experience so the two become one. In turn all sound comes to the consciousness with equal intensity so the brain can appreciate and perceive all sounds together without prioritising one sound over the other. This is amazing when music is being created or appreciated, as the consciousness is merged with the world of sound and music, and you become the sounds you are creating or appreciating! Equally any experience you enter simply fills your consciousness totally and you BECOME whatever you are experiencing in the most real way. This is exciting when we go to experience any sort of performance or event, as the enjoyment of that event is greatly increased, because our consciousness is totally united with it.
         This is an interesting essence as it relates to the little brown Gatekeeper Butterfly, which is found in many Sacred Places. The reason for this is that Sacred Places are where the veil between material and spiritual dimensions is much thinner. There is a fluidity of consciousness in such places as one can often move through different dimensions of Light and consciousness here. The Gatekeeper Trust in Great Britain and other places spend much time and energy working in and with these special places, and our little Gatekeeper Butterfly channels this deep Turquoise colour energy. The effect of Positha Tisika relates to this, as it is a “consciousness bender”, changing the    whole way our brain perceives things, especially sound.
         This is a fascinating essence for creative people and those who wish to explore the interface between the material and spiritual dimensions


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  • BE 51. Timika Sommolia – Green 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Timika Sommolia – Green
    Keywords: Freedom

    This brings a beautiful full and exciting consciousness of freedom of our Spirit with no oppressive earthly situation, affecting us. Our Spirit is totally integrated to our earthly situations so we do not feel any oppression or constriction from that situation. This is wonderful because many of feel low or depressed because earthly situations imprison or constrict us.
    We feel real freedom of consciousness to accept virtually anything that comes us with equanimity, positivity and peace. We can integrate all aspects of our life better feeling real space and clarity to move in the direction that we need to. When you are in a busy working situation and many demands, problems and stresses come to you; this essence will help you to cope effortlessly, efficiently and well with that situation. We usually lose a lot of energy by negative reactions to challenging or difficult circumstances, and we stop ourselves solving things through the confusion we create by our feelings of frustration and depression at feeling “trapped”. Green Two helps us to effortlessly find a clear and easy way forward, which integrates different factors and helps us to feel free and fluid in the situation.
    This essence was born on the island of Mauritius at a place where there was a strong Lemurian vibration - this energy is very strongly related to Lemuria and the great freedom and clarity, which existed then among the people.
    This is the essence that FREES THE SPIRIT in whatever earthly situation it finds itself in, so we know the Eternal Truth:
    “We are forever free”.

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  • BE 52. Mimika Sommala – Pale Azure Blue 2 Butterfly Essences. 15ml
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    Mimika Sommala – Pale Azure Blue
    Keywords.               : Perception of energy flows with responsiveness

    This was the first of the Group Two Butterfly essences to come and is the one, which really opens up awareness and perception in the consciousness. Specifically Mimika Sommala opens up our awareness of the energy flows around us in the environment. This brings a much greater sensitivity and response in us to others and the demands of the environment.
    We can get greater control of our thoughts and actions and harmonise these better with other people and other things. This brings us better success and harmony with others as well as facilitating much better work with crystals, energy fields and healing for example. We experience more inner peace and more ability to communicate positively with others, so we can achieve far more in group activities and projects. There is also an increased ability to contact and work with Spiritual Beings for the well being of everyone.
    This colour contains elements of pale turquoise and pale blue so bringing a heightening of consciousness and improved balance with communication with others. Those with socialization problems such as Autism and learning disabilities may benefit from this essence, and children who find it difficult to be responsible.
    There will be a better ability to detect crystal fields and to practically work with these for healing and cleansing, for example. The abilities to create in the field of music and writing will also improve and the mind and will work together, much more clearly. It will be very helpful in education and the growth of awareness in ecology and conservation, as well bringing a peaceful easy interaction between those who work together.

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  • BE 53. Reloa Hikimia – Gold 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Reloa Hikimia – Gold.
    Keywords:           Harmonizing the Mind and Will together

    This frequency of Gold brings great mental clarity with harmony of the mind and will at the same time. This is when our thinking and our will to do something harmonise bringing an increased ability to make decisions that are right and that can be far reaching, because they are born out of clarity and harmony between the mind and the will together.
    This helps us to really FOCUS our consciousness easily and naturally so we get things done much more easily. We will also find that we have MUCH more energy as we lose so much energy normally through conflict and confusion.
    For this reason this is a tremendous essence to help us to solve problems
    and to find the right outcome for particular challenges that we may face. So often mental confusion is caused by the mind and will working in opposing directions, and so we lose important energy to help us find the right answers to our problems or challenges.
    When the will is clear and strong, the thinking follows easily and we have the clarity and the will power to solve problems. Many people will benefit from this essence if they take it when they face particular problems and challenges. For those who are often “fuzzy headed” and can never make clear or correct decisions this essence will be just perfect. For those who easily get sidetracked from important tasks by their own ‘sabotage’ mechanisms, and who always put off facing tough decisions, this essence will prove invaluable.
    This essence will aid wisdom but it doesn’t directly stimulate that, as the Gold One does. Used with the other frequencies of Gold this will be an all round problem solving combination.



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  • BE 54. Cegia Giakala – Aquamarine  2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Cegia Giakala – Aquamarine
    Keywords: Enhancing heart centred communication

    This essence enhances communication with others, bringing a deep heart-centredness to our communication and interactions with others. It brings a great peace and softness to our Being helping us to feel what other people are thinking and feeling about us, and helping us to really express our pure heart-space to others, and to share theirs.
    The head and the heart are beautifully integrated by this essence, so we can express our Truth purely and simply to others, and be receptive to theirs. It activates a greater capacity within us to respond with our heart energy in all kinds of interactions with others. We can express our heart more beautifully through the will as well as the mind, so our actions towards others are also enhanced in a heart centred way. In other words this essence unites heart, will and mind to work together in an integrated way, according to the dictates of our Higher Self.
    Those people who are very heart centred anyway, but find it hard to communicate with others who are head centred, will really benefit from this essence, as will the head centred people in the opposite situation. We can integrate many levels of communication with this essence as the integrating abilities of the heart are combined with the communication abilities from the throat centre. Understanding of those from other cultures and ways of life, is enhanced so it is good for travellers, teachers and communicators. People who stammer, and those with problems of expressing their communication to others will be helped by this essence.
    Overall we can gain a greater understanding and appreciation of others with this essence, and develop our own social abilities as heart centred people.

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  • BE 55. Kimia Kelhira – mid Indigo 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Kimia Kelhira – mid Indigo.
    Keywords:         Clarifying and strengthening thinking.

    An essence to restore the mind to it’s full and proper functioning, when it has been dysfunctional for any reason. This is the perfect resonance colour of the mental body as it activates that mental body to stronger and clearer functioning. This frequency of Indigo is really a function restorer to the mind and it’s workings. It strengthens thought forms and clears the thinking processes, so that we can think more clearly and easily with the right balance and resonance in our thoughts.
    There are many things that can impair the clear and harmonious functioning of our minds, and many psychiatric problems fall into this category. There are many states such as schizophrenia, psychotic, obsessional and mental unbalanced states which may be helped by this essence. Often the pressures that other people put on us, can imbalance or impair our thinking in some way, and this essence will help in most instances of this.
    When we need a boost in our thinking so we can think easily and clearly this essence may help, if the problem results from the mind being confused or dissipated in it’s operation. For people with ‘fuzzy’ or confused thinking because they are easily overwhelmed by their emotions this essence should help. This essence should be seen as a restorer of good functioning of the mind rather than having any therapeutic capacity. There are so many instances when this essence may help, I cant really list them all except to say, that this may be an essence to use just when the need arises rather than be a long term treatment. It will of course be good in many situations.

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  • BE 56. Nikia Goagada – Magenta 2 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Nikia Goagada – Magenta
    Keywords:           Upliftment of consciousness to High Spirit.

    This is a very beautiful essence for uplifting the mind to the consciousness of Pure Spirit and bringing deep peace and wellbeing to our consciousness. There is strong stimulation of the Crown Chakra with this essence and a strong raising of the consciousness above the earthly dimension. A blissful softness overcomes us as we flow more easily in our thinking and will with the Higher realities of Life.
    Of course this will be an excellent meditation essence, but it has an even more powerful capacity to spiritualise the mind itself, and bring us to a timeless eternity of pure Being-ness. The mind can so easily get bogged down in earthly matters, that we can feel very oppressed and overwhelmed at times with what life brings us. It can be very hard to feel our true, Eternal Selves when situations and other people bear down heavily upon us. This is where Nikia Goagada will prove to be like a wonderful friend, who appears at just the right time, when you most need them !
    This essence takes the consciousness completely out of Creation itself, into the Divine Realms where the Beings of God live and where true wellbeing lies. We can solve many problems when we can raise our consciousness in this way, and we can get an entirely new and fresh perspective on many things. This essence will help anyone to greater inner peace and true wellbeing, whatever their state of inner advancement - but the greatest effect will be felt by the more advanced lightworkers.
    A very special essence to bring our consciousness in perfect attunement, awareness and synchronicity with Spirit.


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  • BE 57. MIO PEA – Deep Purple/Magenta 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Mio Pea -Deep Purple Magenta

    Keywords:   De-Traumatizer – Total Wellbeing

    A most incredible essence which brings deep peace and wellbeing in all the subtle bodies down to the upper Etheric body. This activates the colour Deep Purple/ Magenta, as it appears as the Rescue Bases in the Equilibrium bottle range. A deep relaxation, de-stressing, de-traumatizing energy which brings much of our entire Being to calmness, peace and relaxation. 

    When our minds get distorted by conflict with others , Mio Pea helps us by focussing in our inner healing processes to bring deep peace to where we really need that ‘making whole’ energy in our Being. In other words this colour frequency is superb at eliminating all energy wastage in our Being stemming from conflict and distortion of subtle anatomy. Because ‘Mio Pea’ is such a dark colour hue it works very strongly in towards our denser Being from the point it activates, which is in the 7th Soulbody. This is fantastic because unlike many other Group 1) essences, this essence covers more than 4 main subtle bodies in it’s sphere of action- in fact it covers a total of 29 sub-levels in ourselves (that is one level in the Soul, seven levels in the mental, causal, astral and emotional levels). Remember that we are actually composed of 49 subtle bodies in all, as each main subtle body is sub-divided into another seven subtle bodies. Many of the paler group 1) essences have a range of only two or three of these sub-levels in ourselves making them incredibly specialised as energetic tools. In contrast Mio Pea has a much broader effect, making it perfect in a remedial role for a very wide range of needs such as:

    Shocks, traumas, nightmares, insomnia, long-term stress, accidents, long term conditions within the Being resulting in poor health including the effects of past life traumas, accidents and catastrophes(eg being burnt as a witch in a past life). Add to this almost any difficult situation which destroys the peace and wellbeing of our Spirit.
    The whole Being will operate with greater relaxation and harmony, giving a very deep peace and wellbeing to all our subtle bodies. To provide a complete effect from this colour hue, add to this ‘Xifa Vissisilion’-Deep Purple/Magenta Three and you will have a complete therapy extending to the densest part of the Physical body.



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  • BE 58. WIO LIO – Red 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Wio Lio - Red

    Keywords: Activation of Soul Consciousness


    This essence is for activating true Soul consciousness in people, helping those without an active Spirit life to an opening for greater Life in the Spirit. This colour frequency activates the Soul body to bring greater peace, clarity of vision and clear life purpose. It can activate many different aspects of our spirituality depending on where each one is in their soul path. Those who are further along this path may find an opening of Spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience for example. Those who are are not so far on this path may find this essence brings about an ‘igniting of Spiritual awareness, or consciousness’.
    All Group One essences activate the Soul so that there is an improvement in eyesight,(the eyes are the GATEWAY OF THE SOUL). and a changing of our perceptions to see what is ‘behind’ the phenomena of the physical world. Red One is especially strong in these two effects, and it can alter the perspectives of a person very quickly and quite drastically at times. Some people may therefore have life changing experiences with this essence, so those taking this should be aware of this possibility before using this essence.
    Those people who long to serve God and their fellow human beings will find this essence useful in being a ‘catalyst’ to propel them to materialize this role of service in their lives. Those who desperately need a change in their lives from a negative, or a degrading way of life will find this essence a great helper to come on a Higher path of Love and Service to others. Those who are depressed, or sink into negativity may find this essence quite transformative and able to bring real wellbeing and happiness.
    A remarkable essence for positive transformation.

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  • BE 59. PEO TIO – Orange 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Peo Tio -    Orange
    Keywords: Vitality – Angelic Joy

    A sparkling essence of pure Joy ! You could call this the essence of inner transformation to energetic joyfulness. This is like an elixir of Eternal Life and youthfulness which shows that true Joy has no ending, and age has no meaning when we are complete contact with Spirit !
    There is an intensification of all the senses so we experience the colour and the sensuality of our earthly life more fully, and we experience wonder at the beauty of nature completely afresh. We connect with the constant regeneration of Life, and the possibility of being eternally Young. It dissolves the belief in death and the mortality of man so we see that we are in fact eternally alive, and Divine in our true nature. We experience the spiritual side of sex as being an erotic experience of true beauty and sensuality. It is frequency of joy with pleasure in the energy of life, and is an energy much loved by Angels.
    There are many misunderstandings about the Angels and the Beings of High Spirit. One is that they are sex-less and don’t experience the pleasures of sex and lovemaking. This is very far from the Truth- they are in fact delightfully sexy Beings who love the magic of interaction with the opposite sex. This Orange One is really the energy frequency of their dynamic lovemaking, with the joy and exuberance of their lives.
    For us humans, it is a good essence for those who feel lonely, flat and tired of life. It is intensely uplifting showing us that there is everything to live for and to strive for. It is a spiritual energetic antidepressant, which can restore enjoyment of life and vitality of purpose. It is the joy of the butterflies as they fly in their Love Dances with flowers, showing their gorgeous colours and designs with true beauty.


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  • BE 60. VIA SIO -  Gold 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    : Via Sio - GoldV

    Keywords: Divine wisdom

    Keywords: Divine wisdom

    The keyword for this essence is Divine Wisdom, and it is the highest of the nine frequencies of Gold colour energy in Creation. It activates Gold on three points on the Solar Planes and it colours the Higher Mental Planes with the colour Gold.

    It brings a quietness and Bliss to the Being, and the vibration of Om and the shape of the sphere are emphasised. There is an infinite expansion of the Soul Body into the Universal Om energy so there is a feeling of limitless size and scale of our Soul. At this particular hue and frequency, we feel this gentle expansive feeling of Divine Bliss and this is the precise hue and frequency of Gold through which we can access Divine Wisdom. So when we are pressed with earthly problems, challenges or traumas, this essence will give us access to the connection with Divine Wisdom and Balance so we can overcome these problems. Energetically it can work instantly to transform difficult energy states with Divine wisdom and harmony.
    It eases stress and distractions of an earthly nature acting on us, clearing, harmonising and balancing the whole Being, bringing deep peace. With our connection to divine wisdom established, many other problems and layers can be sorted and dealt with in an ongoing process.
    This makes it a great essence for Teachers and Leaders as it can facilitate Divine Inspiration, balance and wisdom on a day to day basis. When there is Soul Body Healing needed as a result of past abuse issues in this or previous lives, this is a key transformative essence.
    A Universal Essence which can help anyone, but which is especially suitable for those with power or authority in Life.

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  • BE 61. MEA KIO – Coral 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Mea Kio - Coral 1
    Keywords: Appreciation for Sensual Beauty

    The ‘appreciation of sensual beauty’ are the key words of this essence. Real female beauty for example, is an intensely spiritual quality which is much misunderstood and manipulated in many human cultures. Female beauty is actually a very sacred and special quality which reflects the beauty of God in the Female form especially.
    Behind true lovemaking is a very soft and sensual Divine quality, and it’s resonance in colour is the Coral One of ‘Mea Kio’. The female body is the ‘Temple of Life’ and it’s beauty is also incredibly sensual and erotic. It is the wellspring of Life itself and the appreciation of it in all it’s dimensions is the gift of this essence of ‘ Mea Kio’. This is a quality and an appreciation that is ‘higher’ than physical sex and it is a very special quality in human life. The appreciation of the beauty of flowers in all their colour, scent and form is also such a quality that this essence brings us.
    This essence is really about uplifting sex to it’s true and special place in life and bringing a very special appreciation of beauty. The face, the eyes, the body are all one and should not be separated and the appreciation of beauty of this is a special quality this essence brings. The beauty of men in the same way can be appreciated by this essence, and we can enter into a deeper appreciation of ourselves and the natural world with this essence.
    Many people can benefit from this essence, particularly men, who need to open up to these qualities. Those who have been exploited, abused and brutalised in some way can find deeper wellbeing and restoration of their own true Soul Beauty with this essence. We could call this the ‘Higher Karma Sutra’ essence, and it brings deep pleasure in our physicality.
    Sight and the other senses are enhanced and a fuller enjoyment of who and what we are comes about.
    Use for your deeper enjoyment of Life.

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  • BE 62. HEA HIO – Rose Pink 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Hea Hio - Rose Pink
    Divine Femininity

    A beautiful elixir to enhance true femininity. This essence helps each woman or girl to manifest the highest expression of what it is to be female, and it produces an exquisite experience of that femininity in the taker of the essence. There are no adequate words to describe this essence except to say that it is pure love and it brings the deepest experience of femininity.
    A lovely softness overcomes the Being and there is a very tender caring energy for all things. We open to beauty and to how precious each Soul is in the overall scheme of things. We attune to the expression of femininity among the Angels, and it’s spiritual dimensions and with this essence we can link with the feminine qualities of Angels and Divine Female Beings.
    There is almost a breathless quality felt in the heart chakra as the heart is stimulated by this essence, to care for all Beings.
    Men and women alike can really benefit from this essence, to bring wellbeing and balance to their Beings with this essence. The brutalizing aspects of life on earth can be gently alleviated and true softness and femininity restored to each person. In men this would correct an overly masculine psyche where there is not enough softness and femininity expressed- in women the more ‘masculine women’ will find better balance with their feminine side. We can learn real grace and gentleness of Being from this essence, and the ability to always be true to the Divine Female Aspect of God. We open to beauty within others and within ourselves, and we can gain a very deep wellbeing with this essence.

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  • BE 63. WIO REA –  Pink 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Wio Rea - Pink
    Keywords: Divine Love and Caring

    This is an essence to manifest Divine Love, and the keyword for this essence is caring, for it helps to manifest pure Soul Love. This is caring for everything but with emotional detachment and emphasising Divine Order through which all Beings exist in harmony and Love together.
    An essence for everyone which helps us to tune into the angelic vibration of Love. We see others as beautiful little children with their sweetness and perfection being emphasised and there is a strong feeling for the order and interaction of everything. We feel detached but in a deep state of caring and natural beauty. This beauty shows the perfection of everyone and everything, not what is wrong with things, so through Pink one we see the inherent beauty and perfection in everyone and everything. Our Soul Body is activated by Divine Love and open to the Love in everything, so there is great gentleness and peace in this colour energy.
    This is a Key Master Essence for the transformation of Relationships and our interactions with everything, with the Pure Love of God. It brings Love in the little things to a new pitch of caring and sharing, and it emphasises the absolute equality of everyone. It can help us solve relationship problems through a detached, caring attitude guided by Divine, Universal Love. It can give us insight into how to solve difficult relationship issues by manifesting the qualities of Divine Love in us. It is also a lovely meditation essence for connecting with Divine Love on all Levels.

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  • BE 64. GIO KIA – Pale Pink 1 Butterfly Essence. 10ml
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    Gio Kia -      Pale Pink
    Keywords : Soul Restoration

    This is the highest frequency of the colour Pink, and at this light vibration it works mainly to restore the Soul body itself, when the Soul needs this. Most of us have been damaged in some way in the Soul body during our incarnations, and this Pale Pink One restores all the light fibres to their perfect state of operation. With this essence we can overcome the negative effects of many past lives, and restore the whole Being consequently to perfect harmonic resonance.
    There is also an attunement to the higher Angelic and Divine realms as it is the love/light frequency on which many of these Beings dwell. In meditation it will facilitate exquisite states of higher attunement and will show us the path of Divine Love in our lives. Anxiety and fear are dissolved as we tune into the real inner nature of life and we experience our Eternal Being, which is beyond and above the incarnational process.
    This is an essence of which it is difficult to speak as it produces a softness and bliss that cannot be easily described- it must be experienced. This is a tool for the advanced light-worker who wants to experience the highest potential of their Being.


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  • BE 65. FIA DIO – Yellow 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Fia Dio -      Yellow
    Keywords: Divine Radiance and Bliss

    A very special essence to tune into the Divine Radiance of God. This brings a state of blissfulness and inner warmth, in which we will radiate the optimum wellbeing within our potential. It may produce happiness but this is an energy above happiness or joy because it vibrates well above our emotional bodies. It is really a very warm blissfull attunement to the Divine Radiance of light, warmth and joy.
    This is a tool for the advanced lightworker who wants to explore their own Divine nature and their connections with absolute radiance of the Godhead. There be also great warmth and friendship expressed to others, but that effect is secondary to the inner process which this essence initiates. There are no words to really describe this essence, but we can say that effect on many people will be transformational, as so many people have lost contact with this quality of divine Radiance in their lives and consciousness.
    When we have been through difficult experiences of pain. illness or trauma this essence will help to completely re-establish our wellbeing in God, and help us to really shine our own inner light to the world.
    In meditation this may help us to come the source of Joy – what lies beyond human wellbeing.

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  • BE 66. DEO RIA – Pale Yellow 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Deo Ria - Pale Yellow 
    Keywords: Opening Inner Sight - Clarity

    The keywords to this essence are ”the opening of inner sight”. This essence resonates with the the Bhahma Ray of Sight-the second Cosmic Ray. It develops all aspects of sight, such as ‘insight into issues’- getting to the core of any issue, improvements in the sight as well as appreciation of the inner nature of things. It improves clarity of mind so we are clear of what we are and where we are in our lives, and helps us to have real insight into many issues.
    There is a greater perception of Light as a physical and a spiritual reality, and it aids the understanding of the core issues of life. It produces a quietness and blissfulness within and a keener ability to concentrate and find the answers to challenges within.
    Inner sight or clairvoyance is stimulated by this essence, so for some it can help us develop our spiritual gifts. Only those who already advanced with the abilities of inner seeing, will find that it can actually improve this inner sight and help us to develop and refine it. Physical sight can also be stimulated in some people and there is much more awareness of Light as a definite entity in itself- so our perception is also improved visually.
    We can be helped in our Spiritual development, for example it can help us to develop Creative Visualization in meditation, so we can visually experience the Higher worlds. We can develop greater insight into many issues and find our way through this life better. In this way ‘Deo Ria’ can act as a Guide to us, showing us the way forward in our work and relationships.
    An essence for ‘bringing in the Light !’.

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  • BE 67. JIO HEA – Lemon Yellow  1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Jio Hea – Lemon yellow

    Keywords: Divine humour – Lightness

    This is an essence of ‘Divine Humour’. It is the light resonance of the laughter of God and the Angels, and can bring us to a point where we can really laugh at ourselves and life, in a delightful way. It brings lightness to the way we feel and the way in which we deal with situations, and helps us to see ourselves as others see us – in other words, it aids objectivity.

    When life becomes heavy, sad or serious this essence helps us to really let go of the burdens and be as light as a feather. It brings lightness of touch in the way we handle ourselves in relationships. It helps us to feel the energy of Divine laughter as a reality and to tune ourselves in to that. We can feel this quality of lightness in others, where it has become well developed in certain races, such as the Chinese and the Japanese, and we can be really light and loving within ourselves. We can laugh with the angels, and know the true source of laughter within the soul.

    We can connect with the source of joy in the Divine realms and show this quality of lightness, vibrancy and vitality in our lives. Sight becomes clearer and we see how lucid or light filled everything is. This is an essence to help us to shine our light into the world without fear or reserve, knowing that we will be beautifully looked after by the angels. This frequency of divine laughter is one of the most delightful and healing energies in creation, as it raises our vibrational frequency to the ‘Divine Tone of perfect light-fulness’ (we can appreciate this as a musical note). Here there is no resistance in us to the light, and we can consciously become pure light energy, with no dense resistances. It is like the Divine symphony of perfect music and movement – the joyful Dance of Om!

    ‘We can dance the Eternal Dance with the Eternal Dancer’.

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  • BE 68. LUA KOU – Olive Green 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Lua Kou – Olive green

    Keywords: Divine Compassion

    A special essence which is the frequency of ‘Divine Compassion’. This is a very deep practical manifestation of the Love of God for all beings. It is the ability to see through all wrongs, all hurts, pain and difficulties, without condemnation and with perfect love for EVERY person and other being which exists. Instead of condemnation or judgement, there is only understanding and a heartfelt caring for that person or being.

    This essence initiates a deep heart response for anyone in need of help, healing, caring and attention. Our heart unites with the heart of that other person without fear or movement, in a state of perfect stillness and bliss. This is a healing for the heart from the pain and heartache of too much caring or grief, and a stillness to allow God to unite with our heart, whatever the circumstances. There is a resonant effect in cleansing the astral level, and this in turn resonates cleansing on other levels as well. This vibrates away much disharmony and fear from our being, and helps us to help others 137 with the inner compassion that this essence stimulates. This also helps us to have real empathy for others and their imperfections, as we know how it is to have these ourselves, so it encourages a non-judgemental attitude.

    This is the essence which may eventually unite all mankind as one, and dissolve the pain, hurts and conflicts that so many people hold on to. It is an energy of peace between nations, and harmony with God and the universe. With this essence we KNOW we are one with all beings, so there is no need for explanations or justifications. There is just a bliss-full stillness, where all levels of life come together as one, and we commune effortlessly with any type of being which exists in creation. There is no separation from anyone else’s pain, because we are all ONE through the ‘Olive One frequency’, and through this mutual support, we are all redeemed.

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  • BE 69. VIO TEA – Green 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Vio Tea – Green

    Keywords: Unity with the Divine Heart

    This is a very beautiful essence as it is the frequency of the ‘Divine Heart energy’ as it is expressed in creation. We can see it as the colour which takes us into the ‘Divine Heart’ energetically. It can take us into a state of inner bliss where we perceive no separation between ourselves and all other beings. We feel united in consciousness and being, with whomever or whatever we are focussing on at that time. We are in a state of heart unity with others, so we can find the highest expression of love in ourselves, and give it to others and to the world that we live in.

    Space, time and ego can be dissolved with this essence, and our place in creation may be effortlessly integrated with others. This is a place of complete safety and security, where we can feel totally free and relaxed, and able to be completely ourselves.

    This essence came through on the island of ‘Bali’ in a very special way. Bali is shaped like a heart – the Divine Heart in fact, and at the end of it falls a drop, like a drop of blood. This shows that it is manifesting the Divine heart bleeding, for the pain and sorrow on the earth. The colour green is connected most strongly with the heart chakra, and the green in Bali in the plant life is just electric! It is just so vivid! This is because, I am told, this island has a special connection to the ‘Divine Heart. so the light resonance of green (the colour) in Bali is very intense. The essence came through at the mid point between two ‘3 day courses’, (the heart chakra is between the three higher chakras and the three lower chakras) and so it came in the position of the heart chakra, and the essence has the resonance of the Divine Heart – ISNT THIS AMAZING?!

    If we are beset with problems, and our life is going through crisis, this essence shines a light to show us the way out of that crisis, so that it brings hope and clarity when we most need it. It brings a natural uniting with others in harmony and peace, so we can resolve longstanding or difficult conflict situations with this essence. The ego, which is so often the force that drives conflict, is gently dissolved, and our natural and humble place in any situation is made clear. It is the bliss of being at one with our ‘Father / Mother God’, experiencing that, and being in a state of NO SEPARATION with all other beings, which makes this essence so special. One must use it to know it, for words cannot do it justice.

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  • BE 70. LIA DEO – Pale Green 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Lia Deo – Pale Green

    Keywords: Inter-dimensional integration

    This essence facilitates an integration in our being, not only with all levels of this creation that we are in, but also integrating the divine dimensions above us, with our physical reality.

    This is a powerful tool for spiritual self development, which enables an effortless ability to assimilate and harmonize energy from many levels of reality. Our physical being may feel tired or detached when we take this essence, as the energy moves out of the physical and into the higher centres. There can be much greater ease in dealing with people and situations, and an ability to see clearly into each situation without bias or pre-conceived ideas. We can feel a light-ness and a detachment from others, or from situations that seem trap us.

    We can also interact with spiritual beings and angels more easily, so our meditation, work and quality of life may improve when we use this essence. Communication and work with such beings may be easier, especially in stressful or difficult situations where we would normally find it impossible to connect. It can become easier to consciously move from one dimension into another, and still keep in touch with each one.

    This essence also brings a state of ‘child-like’ consciousness with lightness, happiness and a detachment from the cares of the material world. It can feel almost dreamy sometimes, and with it we can tune into the consciousness of other light frequencies more easily. It stimulates the ‘inner child’ and qualities of ‘play’ of the ‘pale green three essence’, through the resonance characteristics I mentioned at the beginning of the descriptions. We can assimilate higher guidance more easily and accurately, integrating energy and ideas effortlessly, in a very natural way. This essence teaches those of us who need to trust and let go, to: ‘Just relax and let life bring its gifts to us.’

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  • BE 71. NIO KIA – Emerald Green 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Nio Kia – Emerald green

    Keywords: Heart attunement with Angels

    This brings our heart chakra into a harmonic resonance with the hearts of angels and spirit beings. This brings a great peace and a healing to the heart, such that our heartaches are alleviated and we experience a deep well-being in the heart centre. We can access angelic support through this essence, for all sorts of issues, especially ‘affairs of the heart’ such as close relationships. This is a very blissful and clear feeling, where there is no anxiety, fear or worry - only a complete trusting and love, with the knowledge that we are one with all beings through the heart.

    There is a delightful stillness, and a timelessness with effortlessness, which is the peak of the BEING experience. All life is a fluctuating duality between ‘being-ness and doing-ness’, and much of the time we just get extremely tired and stressed, by too much doing and not enough being. This essence is a very fine correction to that balance, when there has been too much doing, because this essence really manifests the quality of being, which is the pure quality of the angelic heart.

    Many people will feel like they are ‘coming home’ with this essence, because when we are in our higher spirit bodies between incarnations on earth, this is the energy space we spend a lot of time in. “Home is where the heart is”, goes an old saying, and this is our real home which can be found in the ‘inner heart’ of mankind and with the angels. When we need to find our true and eternal heart space, this can be the essence to bring us there. At this point we are totally unified with all other beings, and we communicate effortlessly through the heart. It stimulates the ‘Emerald three’ qualities of courage, strength, decisiveness and etheric harmony, as a resonant effect from the crown to the heart chakra.

    We can open up higher spiritual gifts, if we use this essence over a longer time period with practices such as meditation, and we can begin to discover who we truly are - to contact our own essence within the heart. In this capacity it is an aid to self knowledge and a restorer of true well-being. It is one of the finest tools to help those who are reconnecting with their higher self, to do so very beautifully


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  • BE 72. MIO GOA – Turquoise 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Mio Goa – Turquoise

    Keywords: Reconnection to Divine Creativity

    This essence connects us with the source of creativity and communication, so helping anyone whose creative expression involves some form of communication directly to others - such as dancers, actors, poets, as well as artists such as painters or sculptors. It will have a stronger effect on performance artists though. We can receive incredible creative inspiration with this essence, and we can inspire others with what we bring through from the higher realms of spirit. All art forms come down to us from high spirit anyway, and much inspiration comes through this colour frequency, as well as through certain cosmic rays.

    This essence is like finding your true ‘inner teacher’ for whatever form of artistic expression you have been given in this life. It supports the whole creative process when it is going, and can re-ignite this process when we get a bit stale. To really feel this essence we need to be actually involved in a creative activity at the time, and to be in touch with the ‘essence of that creativity’. There is an incredible amount of creativity filtering down to us from the Divine and Celestial planes (where the angels are). This essence will strengthen and increase that, helping to cut out distractions, which take us away from this true creativity.

    When we connect with our personal angels or guides, they want to help us enjoy life by creating ever new things to help us to live fulfilled lives. The gorgeous colours and creativity shown in butterflies themselves is a reflection of the inspirational linking that ‘Mio Goa’ does between the ‘Divine designers’ of life itself (on the Divine realms) and what they design. This essence is a major creative force, which helps all creative people to link with their angels and higher guides for their most special work. This essence will inspire many people to co-create with the angels, a new level of art and performance, not yet really seen on this earth

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