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  • BE 57. MIO PEA – Deep Purple/Magenta 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Mio Pea -Deep Purple Magenta

    Keywords:   De-Traumatizer – Total Wellbeing

    A most incredible essence which brings deep peace and wellbeing in all the subtle bodies down to the upper Etheric body. This activates the colour Deep Purple/ Magenta, as it appears as the Rescue Bases in the Equilibrium bottle range. A deep relaxation, de-stressing, de-traumatizing energy which brings much of our entire Being to calmness, peace and relaxation. 

    When our minds get distorted by conflict with others , Mio Pea helps us by focussing in our inner healing processes to bring deep peace to where we really need that ‘making whole’ energy in our Being. In other words this colour frequency is superb at eliminating all energy wastage in our Being stemming from conflict and distortion of subtle anatomy. Because ‘Mio Pea’ is such a dark colour hue it works very strongly in towards our denser Being from the point it activates, which is in the 7th Soulbody. This is fantastic because unlike many other Group 1) essences, this essence covers more than 4 main subtle bodies in it’s sphere of action- in fact it covers a total of 29 sub-levels in ourselves (that is one level in the Soul, seven levels in the mental, causal, astral and emotional levels). Remember that we are actually composed of 49 subtle bodies in all, as each main subtle body is sub-divided into another seven subtle bodies. Many of the paler group 1) essences have a range of only two or three of these sub-levels in ourselves making them incredibly specialised as energetic tools. In contrast Mio Pea has a much broader effect, making it perfect in a remedial role for a very wide range of needs such as:

    Shocks, traumas, nightmares, insomnia, long-term stress, accidents, long term conditions within the Being resulting in poor health including the effects of past life traumas, accidents and catastrophes(eg being burnt as a witch in a past life). Add to this almost any difficult situation which destroys the peace and wellbeing of our Spirit.
    The whole Being will operate with greater relaxation and harmony, giving a very deep peace and wellbeing to all our subtle bodies. To provide a complete effect from this colour hue, add to this ‘Xifa Vissisilion’-Deep Purple/Magenta Three and you will have a complete therapy extending to the densest part of the Physical body.



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  • BE 58. WIO LIO – Red 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Wio Lio - Red

    Keywords: Activation of Soul Consciousness


    This essence is for activating true Soul consciousness in people, helping those without an active Spirit life to an opening for greater Life in the Spirit. This colour frequency activates the Soul body to bring greater peace, clarity of vision and clear life purpose. It can activate many different aspects of our spirituality depending on where each one is in their soul path. Those who are further along this path may find an opening of Spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience for example. Those who are are not so far on this path may find this essence brings about an ‘igniting of Spiritual awareness, or consciousness’.
    All Group One essences activate the Soul so that there is an improvement in eyesight,(the eyes are the GATEWAY OF THE SOUL). and a changing of our perceptions to see what is ‘behind’ the phenomena of the physical world. Red One is especially strong in these two effects, and it can alter the perspectives of a person very quickly and quite drastically at times. Some people may therefore have life changing experiences with this essence, so those taking this should be aware of this possibility before using this essence.
    Those people who long to serve God and their fellow human beings will find this essence useful in being a ‘catalyst’ to propel them to materialize this role of service in their lives. Those who desperately need a change in their lives from a negative, or a degrading way of life will find this essence a great helper to come on a Higher path of Love and Service to others. Those who are depressed, or sink into negativity may find this essence quite transformative and able to bring real wellbeing and happiness.
    A remarkable essence for positive transformation.

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  • BE 59. PEO TIO – Orange 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Peo Tio -    Orange
    Keywords: Vitality – Angelic Joy

    A sparkling essence of pure Joy ! You could call this the essence of inner transformation to energetic joyfulness. This is like an elixir of Eternal Life and youthfulness which shows that true Joy has no ending, and age has no meaning when we are complete contact with Spirit !
    There is an intensification of all the senses so we experience the colour and the sensuality of our earthly life more fully, and we experience wonder at the beauty of nature completely afresh. We connect with the constant regeneration of Life, and the possibility of being eternally Young. It dissolves the belief in death and the mortality of man so we see that we are in fact eternally alive, and Divine in our true nature. We experience the spiritual side of sex as being an erotic experience of true beauty and sensuality. It is frequency of joy with pleasure in the energy of life, and is an energy much loved by Angels.
    There are many misunderstandings about the Angels and the Beings of High Spirit. One is that they are sex-less and don’t experience the pleasures of sex and lovemaking. This is very far from the Truth- they are in fact delightfully sexy Beings who love the magic of interaction with the opposite sex. This Orange One is really the energy frequency of their dynamic lovemaking, with the joy and exuberance of their lives.
    For us humans, it is a good essence for those who feel lonely, flat and tired of life. It is intensely uplifting showing us that there is everything to live for and to strive for. It is a spiritual energetic antidepressant, which can restore enjoyment of life and vitality of purpose. It is the joy of the butterflies as they fly in their Love Dances with flowers, showing their gorgeous colours and designs with true beauty.


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  • BE 60. VIA SIO -  Gold 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    : Via Sio - GoldV

    Keywords: Divine wisdom

    Keywords: Divine wisdom

    The keyword for this essence is Divine Wisdom, and it is the highest of the nine frequencies of Gold colour energy in Creation. It activates Gold on three points on the Solar Planes and it colours the Higher Mental Planes with the colour Gold.

    It brings a quietness and Bliss to the Being, and the vibration of Om and the shape of the sphere are emphasised. There is an infinite expansion of the Soul Body into the Universal Om energy so there is a feeling of limitless size and scale of our Soul. At this particular hue and frequency, we feel this gentle expansive feeling of Divine Bliss and this is the precise hue and frequency of Gold through which we can access Divine Wisdom. So when we are pressed with earthly problems, challenges or traumas, this essence will give us access to the connection with Divine Wisdom and Balance so we can overcome these problems. Energetically it can work instantly to transform difficult energy states with Divine wisdom and harmony.
    It eases stress and distractions of an earthly nature acting on us, clearing, harmonising and balancing the whole Being, bringing deep peace. With our connection to divine wisdom established, many other problems and layers can be sorted and dealt with in an ongoing process.
    This makes it a great essence for Teachers and Leaders as it can facilitate Divine Inspiration, balance and wisdom on a day to day basis. When there is Soul Body Healing needed as a result of past abuse issues in this or previous lives, this is a key transformative essence.
    A Universal Essence which can help anyone, but which is especially suitable for those with power or authority in Life.

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  • BE 61. MEA KIO – Coral 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Mea Kio - Coral 1
    Keywords: Appreciation for Sensual Beauty

    The ‘appreciation of sensual beauty’ are the key words of this essence. Real female beauty for example, is an intensely spiritual quality which is much misunderstood and manipulated in many human cultures. Female beauty is actually a very sacred and special quality which reflects the beauty of God in the Female form especially.
    Behind true lovemaking is a very soft and sensual Divine quality, and it’s resonance in colour is the Coral One of ‘Mea Kio’. The female body is the ‘Temple of Life’ and it’s beauty is also incredibly sensual and erotic. It is the wellspring of Life itself and the appreciation of it in all it’s dimensions is the gift of this essence of ‘ Mea Kio’. This is a quality and an appreciation that is ‘higher’ than physical sex and it is a very special quality in human life. The appreciation of the beauty of flowers in all their colour, scent and form is also such a quality that this essence brings us.
    This essence is really about uplifting sex to it’s true and special place in life and bringing a very special appreciation of beauty. The face, the eyes, the body are all one and should not be separated and the appreciation of beauty of this is a special quality this essence brings. The beauty of men in the same way can be appreciated by this essence, and we can enter into a deeper appreciation of ourselves and the natural world with this essence.
    Many people can benefit from this essence, particularly men, who need to open up to these qualities. Those who have been exploited, abused and brutalised in some way can find deeper wellbeing and restoration of their own true Soul Beauty with this essence. We could call this the ‘Higher Karma Sutra’ essence, and it brings deep pleasure in our physicality.
    Sight and the other senses are enhanced and a fuller enjoyment of who and what we are comes about.
    Use for your deeper enjoyment of Life.

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  • BE 62. HEA HIO – Rose Pink 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Hea Hio - Rose Pink
    Divine Femininity

    A beautiful elixir to enhance true femininity. This essence helps each woman or girl to manifest the highest expression of what it is to be female, and it produces an exquisite experience of that femininity in the taker of the essence. There are no adequate words to describe this essence except to say that it is pure love and it brings the deepest experience of femininity.
    A lovely softness overcomes the Being and there is a very tender caring energy for all things. We open to beauty and to how precious each Soul is in the overall scheme of things. We attune to the expression of femininity among the Angels, and it’s spiritual dimensions and with this essence we can link with the feminine qualities of Angels and Divine Female Beings.
    There is almost a breathless quality felt in the heart chakra as the heart is stimulated by this essence, to care for all Beings.
    Men and women alike can really benefit from this essence, to bring wellbeing and balance to their Beings with this essence. The brutalizing aspects of life on earth can be gently alleviated and true softness and femininity restored to each person. In men this would correct an overly masculine psyche where there is not enough softness and femininity expressed- in women the more ‘masculine women’ will find better balance with their feminine side. We can learn real grace and gentleness of Being from this essence, and the ability to always be true to the Divine Female Aspect of God. We open to beauty within others and within ourselves, and we can gain a very deep wellbeing with this essence.

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  • BE 63. WIO REA –  Pink 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Wio Rea - Pink
    Keywords: Divine Love and Caring

    This is an essence to manifest Divine Love, and the keyword for this essence is caring, for it helps to manifest pure Soul Love. This is caring for everything but with emotional detachment and emphasising Divine Order through which all Beings exist in harmony and Love together.
    An essence for everyone which helps us to tune into the angelic vibration of Love. We see others as beautiful little children with their sweetness and perfection being emphasised and there is a strong feeling for the order and interaction of everything. We feel detached but in a deep state of caring and natural beauty. This beauty shows the perfection of everyone and everything, not what is wrong with things, so through Pink one we see the inherent beauty and perfection in everyone and everything. Our Soul Body is activated by Divine Love and open to the Love in everything, so there is great gentleness and peace in this colour energy.
    This is a Key Master Essence for the transformation of Relationships and our interactions with everything, with the Pure Love of God. It brings Love in the little things to a new pitch of caring and sharing, and it emphasises the absolute equality of everyone. It can help us solve relationship problems through a detached, caring attitude guided by Divine, Universal Love. It can give us insight into how to solve difficult relationship issues by manifesting the qualities of Divine Love in us. It is also a lovely meditation essence for connecting with Divine Love on all Levels.

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  • BE 64. GIO KIA – Pale Pink 1 Butterfly Essence. 10ml
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    Gio Kia -      Pale Pink
    Keywords : Soul Restoration

    This is the highest frequency of the colour Pink, and at this light vibration it works mainly to restore the Soul body itself, when the Soul needs this. Most of us have been damaged in some way in the Soul body during our incarnations, and this Pale Pink One restores all the light fibres to their perfect state of operation. With this essence we can overcome the negative effects of many past lives, and restore the whole Being consequently to perfect harmonic resonance.
    There is also an attunement to the higher Angelic and Divine realms as it is the love/light frequency on which many of these Beings dwell. In meditation it will facilitate exquisite states of higher attunement and will show us the path of Divine Love in our lives. Anxiety and fear are dissolved as we tune into the real inner nature of life and we experience our Eternal Being, which is beyond and above the incarnational process.
    This is an essence of which it is difficult to speak as it produces a softness and bliss that cannot be easily described- it must be experienced. This is a tool for the advanced light-worker who wants to experience the highest potential of their Being.


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  • BE 65. FIA DIO – Yellow 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Fia Dio -      Yellow
    Keywords: Divine Radiance and Bliss

    A very special essence to tune into the Divine Radiance of God. This brings a state of blissfulness and inner warmth, in which we will radiate the optimum wellbeing within our potential. It may produce happiness but this is an energy above happiness or joy because it vibrates well above our emotional bodies. It is really a very warm blissfull attunement to the Divine Radiance of light, warmth and joy.
    This is a tool for the advanced lightworker who wants to explore their own Divine nature and their connections with absolute radiance of the Godhead. There be also great warmth and friendship expressed to others, but that effect is secondary to the inner process which this essence initiates. There are no words to really describe this essence, but we can say that effect on many people will be transformational, as so many people have lost contact with this quality of divine Radiance in their lives and consciousness.
    When we have been through difficult experiences of pain. illness or trauma this essence will help to completely re-establish our wellbeing in God, and help us to really shine our own inner light to the world.
    In meditation this may help us to come the source of Joy – what lies beyond human wellbeing.

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  • BE 66. DEO RIA – Pale Yellow 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Deo Ria - Pale Yellow 
    Keywords: Opening Inner Sight - Clarity

    The keywords to this essence are ”the opening of inner sight”. This essence resonates with the the Bhahma Ray of Sight-the second Cosmic Ray. It develops all aspects of sight, such as ‘insight into issues’- getting to the core of any issue, improvements in the sight as well as appreciation of the inner nature of things. It improves clarity of mind so we are clear of what we are and where we are in our lives, and helps us to have real insight into many issues.
    There is a greater perception of Light as a physical and a spiritual reality, and it aids the understanding of the core issues of life. It produces a quietness and blissfulness within and a keener ability to concentrate and find the answers to challenges within.
    Inner sight or clairvoyance is stimulated by this essence, so for some it can help us develop our spiritual gifts. Only those who already advanced with the abilities of inner seeing, will find that it can actually improve this inner sight and help us to develop and refine it. Physical sight can also be stimulated in some people and there is much more awareness of Light as a definite entity in itself- so our perception is also improved visually.
    We can be helped in our Spiritual development, for example it can help us to develop Creative Visualization in meditation, so we can visually experience the Higher worlds. We can develop greater insight into many issues and find our way through this life better. In this way ‘Deo Ria’ can act as a Guide to us, showing us the way forward in our work and relationships.
    An essence for ‘bringing in the Light !’.

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  • BE 67. JIO HEA – Lemon Yellow  1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Jio Hea – Lemon yellow

    Keywords: Divine humour – Lightness

    This is an essence of ‘Divine Humour’. It is the light resonance of the laughter of God and the Angels, and can bring us to a point where we can really laugh at ourselves and life, in a delightful way. It brings lightness to the way we feel and the way in which we deal with situations, and helps us to see ourselves as others see us – in other words, it aids objectivity.

    When life becomes heavy, sad or serious this essence helps us to really let go of the burdens and be as light as a feather. It brings lightness of touch in the way we handle ourselves in relationships. It helps us to feel the energy of Divine laughter as a reality and to tune ourselves in to that. We can feel this quality of lightness in others, where it has become well developed in certain races, such as the Chinese and the Japanese, and we can be really light and loving within ourselves. We can laugh with the angels, and know the true source of laughter within the soul.

    We can connect with the source of joy in the Divine realms and show this quality of lightness, vibrancy and vitality in our lives. Sight becomes clearer and we see how lucid or light filled everything is. This is an essence to help us to shine our light into the world without fear or reserve, knowing that we will be beautifully looked after by the angels. This frequency of divine laughter is one of the most delightful and healing energies in creation, as it raises our vibrational frequency to the ‘Divine Tone of perfect light-fulness’ (we can appreciate this as a musical note). Here there is no resistance in us to the light, and we can consciously become pure light energy, with no dense resistances. It is like the Divine symphony of perfect music and movement – the joyful Dance of Om!

    ‘We can dance the Eternal Dance with the Eternal Dancer’.

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  • BE 68. LUA KOU – Olive Green 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Lua Kou – Olive green

    Keywords: Divine Compassion

    A special essence which is the frequency of ‘Divine Compassion’. This is a very deep practical manifestation of the Love of God for all beings. It is the ability to see through all wrongs, all hurts, pain and difficulties, without condemnation and with perfect love for EVERY person and other being which exists. Instead of condemnation or judgement, there is only understanding and a heartfelt caring for that person or being.

    This essence initiates a deep heart response for anyone in need of help, healing, caring and attention. Our heart unites with the heart of that other person without fear or movement, in a state of perfect stillness and bliss. This is a healing for the heart from the pain and heartache of too much caring or grief, and a stillness to allow God to unite with our heart, whatever the circumstances. There is a resonant effect in cleansing the astral level, and this in turn resonates cleansing on other levels as well. This vibrates away much disharmony and fear from our being, and helps us to help others 137 with the inner compassion that this essence stimulates. This also helps us to have real empathy for others and their imperfections, as we know how it is to have these ourselves, so it encourages a non-judgemental attitude.

    This is the essence which may eventually unite all mankind as one, and dissolve the pain, hurts and conflicts that so many people hold on to. It is an energy of peace between nations, and harmony with God and the universe. With this essence we KNOW we are one with all beings, so there is no need for explanations or justifications. There is just a bliss-full stillness, where all levels of life come together as one, and we commune effortlessly with any type of being which exists in creation. There is no separation from anyone else’s pain, because we are all ONE through the ‘Olive One frequency’, and through this mutual support, we are all redeemed.

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  • BE 69. VIO TEA – Green 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Vio Tea – Green

    Keywords: Unity with the Divine Heart

    This is a very beautiful essence as it is the frequency of the ‘Divine Heart energy’ as it is expressed in creation. We can see it as the colour which takes us into the ‘Divine Heart’ energetically. It can take us into a state of inner bliss where we perceive no separation between ourselves and all other beings. We feel united in consciousness and being, with whomever or whatever we are focussing on at that time. We are in a state of heart unity with others, so we can find the highest expression of love in ourselves, and give it to others and to the world that we live in.

    Space, time and ego can be dissolved with this essence, and our place in creation may be effortlessly integrated with others. This is a place of complete safety and security, where we can feel totally free and relaxed, and able to be completely ourselves.

    This essence came through on the island of ‘Bali’ in a very special way. Bali is shaped like a heart – the Divine Heart in fact, and at the end of it falls a drop, like a drop of blood. This shows that it is manifesting the Divine heart bleeding, for the pain and sorrow on the earth. The colour green is connected most strongly with the heart chakra, and the green in Bali in the plant life is just electric! It is just so vivid! This is because, I am told, this island has a special connection to the ‘Divine Heart. so the light resonance of green (the colour) in Bali is very intense. The essence came through at the mid point between two ‘3 day courses’, (the heart chakra is between the three higher chakras and the three lower chakras) and so it came in the position of the heart chakra, and the essence has the resonance of the Divine Heart – ISNT THIS AMAZING?!

    If we are beset with problems, and our life is going through crisis, this essence shines a light to show us the way out of that crisis, so that it brings hope and clarity when we most need it. It brings a natural uniting with others in harmony and peace, so we can resolve longstanding or difficult conflict situations with this essence. The ego, which is so often the force that drives conflict, is gently dissolved, and our natural and humble place in any situation is made clear. It is the bliss of being at one with our ‘Father / Mother God’, experiencing that, and being in a state of NO SEPARATION with all other beings, which makes this essence so special. One must use it to know it, for words cannot do it justice.

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  • BE 70. LIA DEO – Pale Green 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Lia Deo – Pale Green

    Keywords: Inter-dimensional integration

    This essence facilitates an integration in our being, not only with all levels of this creation that we are in, but also integrating the divine dimensions above us, with our physical reality.

    This is a powerful tool for spiritual self development, which enables an effortless ability to assimilate and harmonize energy from many levels of reality. Our physical being may feel tired or detached when we take this essence, as the energy moves out of the physical and into the higher centres. There can be much greater ease in dealing with people and situations, and an ability to see clearly into each situation without bias or pre-conceived ideas. We can feel a light-ness and a detachment from others, or from situations that seem trap us.

    We can also interact with spiritual beings and angels more easily, so our meditation, work and quality of life may improve when we use this essence. Communication and work with such beings may be easier, especially in stressful or difficult situations where we would normally find it impossible to connect. It can become easier to consciously move from one dimension into another, and still keep in touch with each one.

    This essence also brings a state of ‘child-like’ consciousness with lightness, happiness and a detachment from the cares of the material world. It can feel almost dreamy sometimes, and with it we can tune into the consciousness of other light frequencies more easily. It stimulates the ‘inner child’ and qualities of ‘play’ of the ‘pale green three essence’, through the resonance characteristics I mentioned at the beginning of the descriptions. We can assimilate higher guidance more easily and accurately, integrating energy and ideas effortlessly, in a very natural way. This essence teaches those of us who need to trust and let go, to: ‘Just relax and let life bring its gifts to us.’

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  • BE 71. NIO KIA – Emerald Green 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Nio Kia – Emerald green

    Keywords: Heart attunement with Angels

    This brings our heart chakra into a harmonic resonance with the hearts of angels and spirit beings. This brings a great peace and a healing to the heart, such that our heartaches are alleviated and we experience a deep well-being in the heart centre. We can access angelic support through this essence, for all sorts of issues, especially ‘affairs of the heart’ such as close relationships. This is a very blissful and clear feeling, where there is no anxiety, fear or worry - only a complete trusting and love, with the knowledge that we are one with all beings through the heart.

    There is a delightful stillness, and a timelessness with effortlessness, which is the peak of the BEING experience. All life is a fluctuating duality between ‘being-ness and doing-ness’, and much of the time we just get extremely tired and stressed, by too much doing and not enough being. This essence is a very fine correction to that balance, when there has been too much doing, because this essence really manifests the quality of being, which is the pure quality of the angelic heart.

    Many people will feel like they are ‘coming home’ with this essence, because when we are in our higher spirit bodies between incarnations on earth, this is the energy space we spend a lot of time in. “Home is where the heart is”, goes an old saying, and this is our real home which can be found in the ‘inner heart’ of mankind and with the angels. When we need to find our true and eternal heart space, this can be the essence to bring us there. At this point we are totally unified with all other beings, and we communicate effortlessly through the heart. It stimulates the ‘Emerald three’ qualities of courage, strength, decisiveness and etheric harmony, as a resonant effect from the crown to the heart chakra.

    We can open up higher spiritual gifts, if we use this essence over a longer time period with practices such as meditation, and we can begin to discover who we truly are - to contact our own essence within the heart. In this capacity it is an aid to self knowledge and a restorer of true well-being. It is one of the finest tools to help those who are reconnecting with their higher self, to do so very beautifully


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  • BE 72. MIO GOA – Turquoise 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Mio Goa – Turquoise

    Keywords: Reconnection to Divine Creativity

    This essence connects us with the source of creativity and communication, so helping anyone whose creative expression involves some form of communication directly to others - such as dancers, actors, poets, as well as artists such as painters or sculptors. It will have a stronger effect on performance artists though. We can receive incredible creative inspiration with this essence, and we can inspire others with what we bring through from the higher realms of spirit. All art forms come down to us from high spirit anyway, and much inspiration comes through this colour frequency, as well as through certain cosmic rays.

    This essence is like finding your true ‘inner teacher’ for whatever form of artistic expression you have been given in this life. It supports the whole creative process when it is going, and can re-ignite this process when we get a bit stale. To really feel this essence we need to be actually involved in a creative activity at the time, and to be in touch with the ‘essence of that creativity’. There is an incredible amount of creativity filtering down to us from the Divine and Celestial planes (where the angels are). This essence will strengthen and increase that, helping to cut out distractions, which take us away from this true creativity.

    When we connect with our personal angels or guides, they want to help us enjoy life by creating ever new things to help us to live fulfilled lives. The gorgeous colours and creativity shown in butterflies themselves is a reflection of the inspirational linking that ‘Mio Goa’ does between the ‘Divine designers’ of life itself (on the Divine realms) and what they design. This essence is a major creative force, which helps all creative people to link with their angels and higher guides for their most special work. This essence will inspire many people to co-create with the angels, a new level of art and performance, not yet really seen on this earth

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  • BE 73. EOA ORA - Pale Turquoise 1 Butterfly Essence.15ml
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    Eoa Ora – Pale Turquoise

    Keywords: Inter-dimensional communication

    The keywords for this essence are ‘inter-dimensional communication’. This essence helps us develop new and different modes of contact and communication, so we are able to link with beings on many levels of creation. We become acutely sensitive to disharmonies in sound and the environment, so we really need a very quiet and peaceful setting to take this essence in. We can feel what is actually beyond normal communication, into a level where we never normally go in our consciousness.

    This frequency of light is like a thread of communication linking all levels of life, so we can link through and communicate with the Divine planes of creation, for example. You see there are seven major planes in this creation, but ‘above’ this are six planes in the Divine creation. Many Divine beings live there and these Beings enhance the cosmic rays or have to do with the planes of creation. This energy acts like a cosmic telephone wire between these divine planes and our creation. This essence shows us what the true essence or root of communication is, and what this essence can bring will be different for each person that uses it. It can be like a key, opening a door to a new dimension.

    A new world of new possibilities may be accessed by this essence, where we may discover unlimited potential and a new sense of identity. It is not only other beings we can connect to, it is a whole new awareness of life and its true meaning. Awareness of energy flows, of mechanisms of light and new cosmic realities may come. The ability to work with crystals in a new and vibrant way can emerge, as well as new abilities to work with the many resonances that make up life. In short, this essence can open doorways to new possibilities that may turn some people’s previous understanding of life ‘on its head’.

    Sound work especially will be enhanced by this essence, especially the use of sound for new and exciting therapies and experiences. New technologies more advanced than the ‘information technology’ of today will emerge, and this essence will facilitate a new attunement to, and understanding of, these. This essence will help us to create a new world, and communication will become possible in ways we have never dreamed of before. This is a new world that we will cocreate with the angels. This is the true meaning of ‘The New Age’.

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  • BE 74. KIO KOA – Blue 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Kio Koa – Blue

    Keywords: Cosmic Relaxation and Peace

    This essence is about deep cosmic relaxation and peace. Peace is a tangible reality - one of the greatest Divine gifts to all beings, and this essence facilitates real peace most beautifully. It brings the most profound stillness in our consciousness and soul, and any stress at these levels is completely dissolved. There is a merging with Divine consciousness, as we fuse with the perfect resonance of Om, in the energy of peace. As with so many Group One essences, there are no words to adequately describe this essence, because the experiencing it brings is out of the normal human frame of experience. To each person it will bring a slightly different experience depending on their particular resonance and needs, but in all it will bring deep relaxation of the higher aspects of our being. Often people are quite stressed in their souls because life on earth has traumatised and ‘jarred’ them in their higher faculties - to such people this essence will bring a lovely soul healing, with a change of energy in the whole being towards real peace and relaxation. There are many ‘Star Children on earth just now, who come from places in Creation far more beautiful and harmonious than earth, and for them this essence will be like ’manna from Heaven’.

    In meditation this essence will bring a whole group of people into the ‘Cosmic breath of pure Divine peace’, and all problems and stresses will melt. We can connect with the angels with the tangible qualities of the perfect blue, uniting us in endless peace and relaxation. Through this essence deep well-being flows to us from the Divine and angelic realms, as the blue provides a perfect communication bridge to the ‘energy states’ and ‘words’ of angels. Also through this frequency we become more responsive to their will and communication towards us. It is this which brings this deeper peace, as we connect with their energy states quite beautifully with this essence, and we all resonate together under the ‘Divine Will’.

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  • BE 75. LIA MIO.  Pale Blue 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Lia Mio – Pale Blue

    Keywords: Alignment with Divine Will

    This essence is for alignment with the ‘Divine Will’. The harmony of Life depends on one thing above anything else, and that is working with the same Will that joins and co-ordinates all of Creation. The ‘Pale Blue One’ is the light/colour frequency through which this Divine Will permeates all levels, and all beings within those levels. This is the resonance through which the ‘Will of Om’ (or Will of God) is worked out through creation from the highest to the densest points.

    When we are in perfect resonance and synchronicity with this ‘Divine Will’, our whole being is in complete harmony and at ONE with the rest of Creation. So many people are ‘at war’ with themselves, fighting one part of themselves with another part. This generates disharmony from that person out into the world. Please understand that all wars and conflicts in the world are simply the outworking of the internal conflicts that go on inside people, between their different subtle bodies. So often their will is out of harmony with the mind, emotions, sexual drive etc, and this generates this internal conflict. The only solution to this is to align with the Single Will from which all of life is generated, and that is the Will of OM, or God. Then we are automatically in harmony with all levels and all beings (except those beings who are generating this disharmony, by being out of synchronicity or out of resonance with OM).

    This is the highest frequency of pale blue in creation, and it attunes and aligns every level inside our whole being with that ‘Divine Will’. This also opens out incredible power and the potential of many wonderful things in our lives, as all things become possible and we have the faith to “move mountains”. When the Bible refers to real faith in God, it is this energy of ‘Pale Blue One’ that it refers to, because this is the energy of total TRUST in the Divine. Far from being a mediocre conformity as some people fear, this faith brings incredibly exciting possibilities to every Soul, to do new and completely different things.

    It is the colour of ‘Thy will be done’, the frequency through which the Archangel Michael keeps this world free from tyrants, oppression and pain. It is the colour frequency which joins us to the ‘Divine Father Being of God’, and is the energy through which we can find the true ability to trust. Trust in God and in life are the essential cornerstones of complete well-being on this earth. Without this trust, life has no meaning and justice cannot be, so people’s faith in goodness and love would go, leaving only depression, despair and pain. 

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  • BE 76. RIA SEA – Royal Blue 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Ria Sea – Royal Blue

    Keywords: Calm and Inner Strength. Divine Power.

    This essence is for deep healing of the spirit, bringing calm and relaxation. It dissolves stress and fear bringing our spirit and astral/emotional being to a state of true well-being. When we are troubled with the problems of life and our well-being is suffering, then ‘Ria Sea’ comes like an angel in the night on the deep royal blue frequency, resonating well-being through the entire ‘Higher Self’. It is profoundly spiritualising and calming to the being, and those who get very troubled by many different sorts of problems will really benefit from this essence.

    There is a lovely inner strength and a trusting in God which resonates with this essence. We can start to live with the angels closer and closer as we progressively gain well-being in our Spirit. This is a resonant connection with High Divine Power and brings deep Divine support.  An inner confidence grows from the personal power this essence generates, through the activation of ‘Royal blue three’ by this essence. We connect with the power and strength of angels as well, and this helps us sort any type of problem and challenge. We can get a lovely soft, blissful feeling from this essence, in common with many other Group 1) essences. If we hav.e been doing too much, we simply feel intensely relaxed, and we naturally equilibriate back to a natural balance, to find our true state of well-being again. Some spiritual healers will love this essence, as it is the very colour frequency that so many of them work on with the spirit. People who look after the well-being and health of others, will find this essence very helpful as it helps to strengthen and relax them, as well as helping their well-being too. It assists you also to value yourself and others better, if you feel greater physical/etheric/emotional support and wellbeing in yourself. This essence is useful in so many ways and for so many people, as it optimizes their well-being on many levels. It helps the body to realize, then manifest, its own reserves and resources to support the physical vehicle. It is like an elixir for life itself, being an energy to bring all levels into a state of deep peace, strength, well-being and harmony.

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  • BE 77. LIO MEO – Indigo 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Lio Meo – Indigo

    Keywords: Telepathy – Spirit Communication

    This essence is an enhancer and facilitator of telepathy and higher communication between people. It also can help to open the ‘third eye’ in some people, which opens abilities such as clairvoyance and being a ‘Seer’. This essence activates the highest frequencies of light of what we call MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS, and at that level all minds are joined together as one in what we call ‘Universal Consciousness’. Telepathy is the flow of mind energy through this universal consciousness at this frequency, which is the natural mode of communication between all beings. This communication does not depend on language, because that is formed of concepts, constructions, ideas and different meanings. This communication is the transference of pure thought ‘matter’ between one person and the next person and it communicates what each one wants to communicate without concepts, ideas or constructions. It is the pure thought before even the idea, concept or construction is formed, and it travels extremely quickly and precisely between people who are ’attuned’ to each other. People who are ‘channelling’ can do so much better with this essence, as it facilitates the transfer of accurate information and descriptions of higher realities very clearly. This is because the ‘6th ray of knowledge’works on this colour frequency, so this essence energy unites consciousness with this ray.

    There will be accurate information with a clear consciousness generated by this essence, manifested at all levels. It gives the mind greater power and brings more clarity to thinking, activating the ‘Indigo three’ properties as well. ‘Lio Meo’ activates telepathic abilities in people, so helping them to be able to communicate non-verbally with others of different languages and cultures, and with beings from other dimensions, such as interplanetary beings and spiritual beings. Spiritual beings can read our thoughts like a ‘book’ just by looking at our mental body, and our thinking can be seen as actual thought forms relating to what we are thinking about. Our communication with these spiritual beings can be developed with this essence to be very lucid, precise and easy, from both sides. This colour frequency will help us to develop and evolve our communication abilities through the mind, so we can contact many new people, and understand many new things about ourselves and our world.

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  • BE 78. LIA DIO – Violet 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Lia Dio – Violet

    Keywords: Divine Breath Connection

    This essence is for connection with the ‘Divine Breath’ and it brings a beautiful support to our earthly beings through a soul connection with the ‘Breath of God’. Breath is the cause of all life and it is impossible to live a physical existence without breathing, but so many disharmonies on the earth plane make breathing difficult. With this essence our breathing becomes more harmonious, easier and deeper, as our life force is connected more strongly with its ‘Divine Source’.

    As we come into a clear resonance with the ‘Divine breath’ our vibrational frequency is raised, and we become more harmonious in our whole expression and functioning of our being. We become more relaxed, sensitive, harmonious and pure in our vibration. Our breathing becomes easier, more harmonious and lighter with greater flow and strength. As the breathing improves, so too does the life-force in us strengthen. We come more strongly into the ‘Divine resonance’ through the colour violet and then the quality of our being improves.

     We shake off disharmonies and stresses in our beings, and become much lighter in our touch and our thinking. We can consciously link better with the ‘Divine Planes of Life’ through meditation, and we can link easier with the resonance of Om. Our thinking becomes lighter and more fluid, and we perceive more clearly the linkage between the physical world and the ‘Divine realms of Light’. We can have an effortless interaction with Spirit, so many of our problems will simply dissolve. There is a very strong connection between the Soul, Astral and Physical bodies and this energy harmonises physical breathing through this link, as it originally impacts on the soul body. It has a sympathetic resonance with the heart as well and this opens our heart to spirit and to Om, and this is why this essence is so harmonizing to the whole being.

     In the beginning times each soul was ‘breathed’ into being by our ‘Father/ Mother God’, so a person’s breath contains their ‘highest’ energy, their Soul energy. With ‘Lia Dio’ we connect energetically with that first breath as we came into being for the first time, and the original well-being that the ‘Divine Source’ imbued us with. Through this reconnection many people will gain a profound well-being, perhaps not experienced since their childhood. Practices such as Yoga which work with the breath, will be boosted by the use of this essence. A lovely essence for restoring our primal well-being.

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  • BE 79. QUO DIA – Pale Violet ! Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Quo Dia – Pale Violet

    Keywords: Angelic Bliss

    A very special essence for connecting with the blissful peace of Angels and Divine Beings in the higher realms. It is an essence for advanced light-workers, who need a special tool to tune into the highest light frequencies to manifest pure bliss and deep peace in their Beings. We need deep silence and an absence of distraction, to really experience this essence and appreciate it fully. It is an experience of the sacredness of life and is an energy of deep honour and respect for all beings. Bliss is about the ‘balm’ of the ‘Being of Om’ pouring over each being in life, sanctifying them and bringing them to the purest resonances of light, love and harmony in creation. In this state we are completely at ONE with the still inner core of the Divine.

    There are really no words to describe this energy state, as it really bears no relation to our everyday lives here on earth. It is really an incredibly beautiful experience for when we need something special to fully honour and manifest the Divinity that is within each of us. In meditation this will take us just about as far as we can possibly go, but it needs to be used by those well practiced with meditation, as it is an incredibly refined experience, not easily accessed by many people.

    This is an aid to very deep and profound spiritual practices, where we seek to connect with the very finest frequencies of light. 150 The pale violet also resonates with angelic healing through the ‘pale violet three’, and this essence contains the purest resonances of celestial angels in this creation. So this is a very special essence for anyone wanting to work with the higher angels, as many angels connect together on this light frequency. We can start to work with angels on all kinds of projects using this essence as a ‘bridge’ to the angels, and it will be a great support to those needing to strongly connect with angels in this dimension, such as dying people for example. 

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  • BE 80. KIA KEI – Purple 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Kia Kei – Purple

    Keywords: Transformation, sight

    This essence is the pure image of what the butterfly really is - the total transformation of our earthly self into the light being of the Divine (which is our true being). The consciousness is transformed by high spirit through this colour frequency, and that which is of a lower vibration in us is cleansed and transmuted to a higher vibration.    

       Being a pretty dark hue this colour works mainly in the mental and causal bodies, although it initially activates the soul body with purple. This means that the majority of the effect is on the consciousness, transforming our spirit with the frequency of solar purple. This is because the darker a colour is, the more it works into our denser subtle bodies from the initial point of activation (which is in the soul body). This means that we can get a completely ‘fresh start’ in our consciousness, if we use this essence over a period of time.

    The pure Soul energy transforms our Spirit through the energy of the purple, and at this frequency it attunes it to ‘high spirit’. This means that we can find a completely new life based on a much more pure and true set of values, that comes from the high spiritual realms. It is the energy through which people go through dramatic conversions, or major life changes to a much more beautiful and caring life. This colour frequency also enhances eyesight as the light from the soul is strengthened, and we have more energy going through our physical eyes. Remember that the ‘eyes are the gateway of the Soul’.

    It can in some people enhance clairvoyant abilities, as it can often ‘unblock’ psychic abilities that have been lost for a period of time. Purple is a very high light resonance of Spirit, and it is the resonance on which eyesight comes. This means that our sight is one of the very highest gifts of life that we receive from High Spirit – breath is the other one (and this is on a similar hue, the ‘violet one’). Many people can benefit from this essence, but those who will get the greatest benefit from it will tend to be those most advanced in spiritual practices e.g. meditation. Those who desire a deep transformation into a more spiritual life will find this to be a key tool.

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  • BE 81. MIA KIO – Lilac 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Mia Kio – Lilac

    Keywords: Appreciation of Divine Beauty

    The keywords of this essence are ‘the appreciation of Divine beauty’. This essence opens our being to the pure soul vibration of beauty, which is this ‘Lilac One’ light frequency. With this essence there is an incredible softness about ourselves and everything around us and we see the innate beauty in everything.

    Physical and inner beauty are enhanced to our perception, and everything seems more colourful and vibrant. It melts the ‘blinkers’ on so many people’s eyes, so we see that everything around us is beautiful, and ugliness and disharmony are just facades that our consciousness sees covering things. They are just like a veneer which hides the pain that many Souls are in, but beneath that is always beauty. This essence teaches us that heaven and earth are one, and it is only the consciousness

    that needs to change to see that. We perceive things in a new and fresh way, perhaps seeing that many of our previous assumptions about things and people may have been mistaken. We can see the divine in everything and everyone, and we love all beings equally as we see this. No one is actually a stranger, but each person can show an angel as well as a devil within them, but we accept both with equanimity.

    This essence also purifies our being, cleansing away impure thoughts and motivations, leaving us very clear and still within ourselves. We can connect with High Spirit on the resonance of ‘Divine Beauty’ using this essence, and we can really deeply love and appreciate ourselves. We connect with the infinite beauty of the ‘heavenly spheres’, and it melts away the resistances that our minds or egos may have to this. We realize that we really ARE that beauty ourselves, no matter how imperfect we may think ourselves to be, and that actually nothing is more or less beautiful that anything else. We ourselves are part of that eternal beauty, and we can play a positive role in transforming the world to be a better place, to reflect that.


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  • BE 82. KIO NIA – Magenta 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    Kio Nia – Magenta

    Keywords: Oneness with OM

    This essence transcends all duality because it brings a state of ‘One-ness with Om’. This attunes us to frequency of light well above Creation, to a point in the ‘Divine Realms of Light’ where the ‘Beings of God’ live.

    It brings a point of stillness and peace where neither male nor female exist, where being is not yet in the world of duality - which is the world of our Creation. It relates to the chakras above the crown chakra, which are the energy centres in the Divine realms above creation. The colour associated with the ‘Solar Logos’ is magenta, for example, and he is our ‘gateway’ into the Divine realms of being, he is the connection between us and Om. Many of the Divine Beings in the higher planes have magenta hues as their colours.

    This is an essence which will have very different effects on different people, depending on the particular relationship that each one has with Om and the Divine Realms. It individualises itself and changes itself into an individual’s aura, so once one person has this essence close to them it may not affect anyone else - this is because this light frequency is not stabilized within our Creation and the duality it operates in. Consequently it is almost impossible to predict the effects of this essence. Many people may not feel it until they have tuned right into their highest Soul levels, but for those who have, this could be an essence beyond anything you have ever dreamed of.

    It is not an essence for the faint-hearted, as it may substantially change a person’s view of themselves and life itself. This is a tool for those who want to go beyond the world of definition and normality, to discover the essence of ‘what is’, and who they really are. It awakens the highest octave of Divine Love in our beings, taking us straight to the ‘Heart of the Divine Mother’. It resonates with Her Love which is perfect and equal for all beings. It takes us to the core of what life itself is. And this is beyond definition, and is a very special peace beyond understanding.

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  • BE 83. SIA SOA – Silver 1 Butterfly Essence. 15ml
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    SIA SOA – Silver

    Keywords: Soul Illumination

    The keyword to describe this essence is ‘Illumination’. It brings intense light to our whole Being, so the vibration and resonance of us is raised to the highest light frequency. It immediately brings about a great quieting of the whole being and a cessation of earthly problems in the mind. There is a profound purification of all soul energies with heart and physical energies, through resonance as well. With the purification of the heart chakra, there is a purification of the whole being, as this affects and integrates with all other levels of being. This means that using this essence becomes like a ‘sacred absolution’ to the being, where toxic and disharmonious energies are vibrated out of the being by this energy. This clears away so much pain, stress and difficulty from us, so this is a marvellous tool for a profound energy cleanse from the highest levels of being downwards. As each level is cleansed by the silver light, it is unified and harmonised with all the other levels which have been cleansed.

    This essence really integrates and synergizes the whole being to come together as one, in a single pure Divine light resonance. It completes, links and resonates our being with the purity of the highest divine light vibration – the silver, so promoting great improvements in the being, such as learning, understanding and real one-ness with another person in a relationship. This makes it an incredible essence for group meditations, which have a single unified higher purpose. In meditation it is very fine, as it brings about a connection with ‘Universal Divine Light,’ so it can take us very deeply into meditation and self-exploration. It tunes us into ‘Divine Consciousness’, bringing clarity, space and complete illumination to any issue. It opens the soul body to the light of the higher realms bringing a blissful softness of being and stillness. Great clarity of vision, purity of being and elevation of consciousness results.

    In certain circumstances it can be instrumental in bringing about “samadhi” or enlightenment of being, by fusing our earthly consciousness with our divine consciousness in complete unity with all beings and all being! It clears away clouds in our soul body, which may be partially blocking us from the pure stream of ‘Divine Consciousness’, and is a powerful tool for realigning anyone to their higher path. For those who get lost in spiritual illusions, it restores true discernment of consciousness and thought. To appreciate the fineness and subtlety of this essence it is helpful to have done a lot of spiritual work beforehand on ourselves, so is best for those who have been on a spiritual path for some time. As with all colour essences it may be needed in a very wide variety of circumstances which can’t be easily predicted beforehand.


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  • BE 84. Rainbow Angel Butterflies. 15ml
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    BE 84. Rainbow Angel Butterflies. 15ml


    Rainbow Angel Butterflies

    Keywords: Ecstasy with Angels

    This essence is a carnival with the angels. It activates the entire Soul body with rainbow spectrum, bringing joy, vitality, wisdom, love, complete one-ness with the angels and a very deep well-being. Words don’t exist to describe this essence adequately, so perhaps I shouldn’t try! It may re-awaken many people to real higher consciousness, and an inner joy that they haven’t known before in this earthly incarnation.

    It will revitalize our soul and spirit, so it can bring a complete transformation in lifestyle and the way we feel about ourselves and the world. It will make the ‘New Age’ real for some people, who may previously have had difficulties about it. It can help us feel how ‘big’ our being really is, and many people don’t yet consciously realize what incredible beings they really are! The effects will be very specific to each person though, so not easy to predict.

    It can bring a remarkable balance to the personality and increased stability in oneself. We should find we are much less prone to fear and anxiety, and we will develop a real glow and sparkle about our being! Try this essence even if you don’t use any other Group One essence, because like the Rainbow Butterflies in the 1st Set (group 3), this essence will make it clear as to which direction you need to be moving in. It resonates the ‘Rainbow three’ or ‘Rainbow Butterflies’ as it is called, in our being through the sympathetic resonant attunement of the heart chakra with the soul chakra. In this way we will also experience the chakra activation and other effects of the ‘Rainbow Butterflies’ essence here. This will bring about a greater connection with angels and many other spiritual beings, in a very joyful, optimistic and positive energy. It will also bring a great connection to other people through joy, creativity and well-being. We will all find that there was never any separation between us, and we always have been ONE! A very special essence for special times!

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