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  • SE 01. Australian Sea Horse -  bluish turquoise Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Australian Sea Horse

    Keywords: Power balancing, appropriate relationship connections

    It is an enhancer of the relationship that human beings have with horses, although it will also have a beneficial effect on relationships with other animals, but this is less marked. It balances the power between them. The purpose of sea horse is to attune people's minds and emotions to the true higher nature of horses, so they may be treated with love, awareness and respect. The horse is a very noble and spiritually elevated member of the animal kingdom, who has voluntarily allowed man to harness it for many uses. A great deal of the spirit and freedom of this noble beast is sacrificed so that man may benefit.

    Unfortunately some human beings are insensitive, cruel and thoughtless. This remedy was created to help transform the minds and emotions positively towards the horse. This essence removes feelings of cruelty and callousness from the emotional body, and clears confused thought forms concerning the nature and reality of animals in the mental body - this simply transforms ignorance into positive knowledge and thoughtfulness. It helps dissolves blocks in the emotional body that may stem from past life experiences. It helps posture and poise in the body, helping us to get the most appropriate connections with others in relationships. Between people it helps us to get over dominant/subservient relationships to relations with far more equality, well-being and balance. This is excellent for work situations where one person may be too dominant 171 and another too subservient, to the detriment of people in this situation. This helps to balance power in the relationships so each one may speak their truth clearly and equably, without fear. The colour that the deva works under is a bluish turquoise, and this shows the connection with the power aspects of a relationship in the blue. Blue relates to the Causal or power body and has to do with our communication and self expression as well. The turquoise relates to our communication from the heart, which is also our universal connection with all other beings. You can see these elements clearly in the effect of this essence.

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  • SE 02. Barrel Sponge - turquoise blue/indigo Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Barrel Sponge - turquoise blue/indigo

    Keywords: protection from mental negativity, clarity of thinking

    barrel Sponge is a clarifying and strengthening essence for the mind, which enhances relationships by cutting out the action of negative thoughts between individuals, so protecting the thinking of anyone who takes this essence. 

    It can also protect one from negative thought forms taken on from the environment and may be of great value in any group situation.

    The immediate perceived effect of this essence is the cessation of ‘fuzzy’ or disharmonious thinking and its replacement with clarity and clear purpose.  It brings the mind into harmony with all the other subtle bodies because by realigning with the astral body it is being reintegrated with all levels of the being - the astral body being the coordinator and integrator of the whole being.  This strengthens and clarifies the thinking, and in the process of realigning the mental negative and disharmonious thought forms, this then acts to protect one's thinking from negative interference.

    This makes this essence very valuable for examinations or mentally testing times, as it helps us to gather our thoughts in a clear and strong way. It gives our thinking some strength and resilience in difficult circumstances.


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  • SE 03. Gossamer Parasol - mid turquoise Sea Essence. 15ml
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    It is a communication enhancer between people for enhancing commonly held perceptions and increasing real heart contact.  It has the dual function of sharpening visual perception and enhancing heart to heart contact, so that there is a fuller appreciation of the beauty of the natural world, and the human mystical connection with all things as a result.

    By enhancing the astral body to overcome inertia it directly stimulates the heart center.  This has a synergistic effect on the heart centers of those all around one, increasing the energy flow between them.  This produces an attunement and an enhanced communication between people, and communication becomes more heart, and less head centered.  Thus sincerity and honesty increase with a real sense of caring.

    Combined with the increased visual perception of the natural world around one, it becomes an essence with profound ecological implications. Gossamer Parasol has the ability to restore a sense of wonder in the natural world, because the mystic appreciation of life is awakened as the heart centre is ignited in people - this is because the 4th cosmic ray of mysticism works only through the heart centres of human beings. This is a classic sea essence as it works under the mid turquoise colour frequency, which directly stimulates communication from the heart, which is the main function of turquoise


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  • SE 04. Nautilus - warm pink Sea Essence. 15ml
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    SE 04. Nautilus - warm pink Sea Essence. 15ml


    Gossamer Parasol - mid turquoise

    Keywords: enhances heart to heart communication

    It is a very special essence for enhancing the relationship between humans and those in the angelic realm who guide human destiny.  It specifically enhances clairaudience with angels and also makes us more aware of light and the quality of light around us.

              It is intended for the light workers of the New Age to give them a real support and boost in their co-creative work with angels, and is initially meant to tune them in to the sounds of the higher realms, and the unspoken words of angels.  In time abilities can develop where the spoken words of angels may be heard, but that is an individual gift, not universally bestowed by this essence.

            It helps a person to attain a state of inner silence so that the very delicate sounds of the spirit can be perceived, felt and perhaps heard.  In conjunction with this enhanced hearing greater degrees of light may be seen and felt, although clairvoyance as such is not stimulated by this essence.  This will encourage a fuller experience of angelic contact and improve appreciation of the beauties of nature.

            This exquisite form of the Nautilus shell with its many chambers and vortical form (shaped like a vortex) shows a similarity to the human ear, and the sense of hearing.  The mother of pearl lining to the shell is a pointer to the beauty of the angelic realms to which this essence relates - the perfection of form mirroring the perfection of angels.  Even the rarity of Nautilus is a clue, in that it is an indication to the rarity and real value of the gift that this essence brings.

            The use of this essence should be guided as much as possible by angels, the obvious one being the Guardian Angel that each human has with them to protect them.  It is not an essence to be taken indiscriminately by those wanting angelic contact for reasons of personal power - for such people it simply won't work.  A degree of spiritual advancement is needed before this essence can act on a person.  Spiritual gifts of communication with the higher realms are contained in the astral body, so when it is activated by this essence they are developed better. 

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  • SE 05. Sea Cucumber - Aquamarine. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Sea Cucumber - Aquamarine

    Keywords: Restoration of love and communication in close relationships.

    It is a corrective healing remedy for relationships which have suffered from hurt and misunderstandings in the past, and as a result are blocked from being healed and invigorated by the natural flow of life.

    It is for people that are generally well intentioned towards each other, but whose love energies for each other have got blocked through misunderstanding so they "feel hurt" by the other person.  It will open up the possibility of real healing and enhanced telepathy between these people, but as it has no effect on the mental body, it will not of itself produce kind thoughts.

    It is best taken by both people simultaneously, as the greatest benefit of this essence is that it can give relationships between individuals a fresh start.

    This essence can be used as a dissolver of hurt and blocked communications, which can transform relationships which are suffering from brooding hurt and negativity.  It is specifically for close relationships with family and friends that we would normally expect to be good, about whom we care, and with whom we generally want to have good relations.

    It can also heal past life grievances that we might have with people, with whom we might not be consciously aware of having a problem.

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  • SE 06. Sea Dandelion - bluish indigo Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Sea Dandelion - Bluish indigo

    Keywords: Mental relaxation, relief of anxiety and tension, enhancement of telepathy

    It is a relationship enhancer for people who suffer from mental tension, anxiety and being fraught with others.  It is universal in its scope and can help anyone to mentally relax and tune in to others around them.

     It is particularly recommended for group situations where diverse people may be thrown into very close and intense contact, and individual disharmonies and tensions may disharmonise the entire group and lead to conflict situations, if not resolved.

    As it stills and relaxes the mind when taken, it also has a calming effect on the complimentary subtle body, which is the emotional body - this is also very useful in defusing tension, as it can prevent emotional antagonisms from building up.

    An excellent individual therapy for anyone who suffers from mental tension, and it can have a transformative effect on any individual taking it over a long period of time.  Meat eating often causes great mental tension, so use of this essence would bring to an individual's awareness the need to cut down or cut out meat, especially red meat, from the diet.

    By enhancing the mental body to overcome disharmony, there is a subtle harmonization of the thought waves flowing between people, and an increased ability to tune into other people's thought patterns - so telepathy is markedly improved.

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  • SE 07. Sea Fan -  Coral. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    SE 07. Sea Fan - Coral. Sea Essence. 15ml


    Sea Fan - Coral (gold of wisdom and pink of calm & love)

    Keywords: Calms anger, defuses emotional tension, gracefulness and smooth flow

    It is a peace making (or peace producing) essence, for those who lose their temper easily.  People can get so wound up at times that they "explode" at others without any control or consideration.  This essence is universally applicable to anyone who has a problem with their temper, however slight or severe this may be.

    It increases a person's ability to look objectively at difficult situations that make them angry with others before there is an explosive build up of emotion that needs to be rapidly released - this is what anger actually is.

    It will stop us getting "wound up" in provocative situations, bringing the temper well under control of the mind, allowing for consideration and sensitive response.

    The Sea Fan looks quite like a hand fan used by people in the past, to calm and cool hot temperatures.  It is effective either used once to help one face a temper provoking situation, or as part of a longer term treatment for those whom short temper is an ongoing problem.  It is also valid for those who provoke a bad temper in others, as it will help them to be more careful before provoking another to anger.

    It produces gracefulness and harmony in movement with real poise, so it is excellent for dancers, such a ballet dancers, where grace and poise are all important. It helps us to come into harmony with the flow of life in a most beautiful way, dissolving disharmony generated by the ego.

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  • SE 08. Sea Pen - mid pink. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    SE 08. Sea Pen - mid pink. Sea Essence. 15ml


    Sea Pen - Mid Pink

    Keywords: Gratitude, warmth and friendship

      It is a relationship enhancer which stimulates the feeling and expression of gratitude, kindness and caring for others.

    This essence opens sensitivity to the giving of others to ourselves, and then produces a positive emotional response of real gratitude and appreciation - this in turn stimulates the desire to express that gratitude to the giver.

    The form of this sea creature is that of an old fashioned quill pen in its inkwell, and whilst it does not stimulate writing abilities, it could be said to stimulate the desire to write and express gratitude.

    Those in positions of power who are used to other people serving their commands as a matter of course, would particularly benefit from Sea Pen, especially if they get into the way of automatically expecting people to do things, without expressing thanks to them.

       We could call this a real 'Love essence of the Sea’, and it really stimulates friendship and closeness in relationships.

    Good for teenagers who find it hard to say thank you. 

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  • SE 09. Sea Tulip -  bluish turquoise. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Sea Tulip - Bluish Turquoise

    Keywords: Cleansing of past life relationship problems

    It is a peace making essence for people who have been in substantial conflict with others, being particularly useful in healing relationships between people who have been at war with one another.

    It can be used to cleanse any poisoned relationship between individuals, even if this occurred in a past life. Its greatest effect will be for people whose emotions towards each other are very twisted up and toxic, as a result of grievance and bitterness which build up in large conflict situations, such as wars and family feuds.

    Sometimes one's feelings towards others can be very bitter and at times this can be unconscious, and internalized as race hatred or prejudice against others of different cultures or religion.

    It will not completely defuse all antagonism by itself, as this involves work on the mind and will of a person, but it is very effective in cleansing away toxic feelings.  In that capacity it is excellent as a catalyst to prepare someone for deeper healing, forgiveness and reconciliation work, with someone with whom they have been in conflict.

    By cleansing and vibrating away these cloudy toxic feelings, it brings about a real state of openness and objectivity about oneself.  From this point conflicts can be settled in a way virtually impossible before the action of this essence. 

    Could be most beneficial taken at the onset of any peace talks.

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  • SE 10. Spiny Lobster  - mid olive green. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    It is a self-protective essence for those who face a fearful adversary, and who feel unable to face the fear and danger that they would usually feel in this situation.  It improves the ability to sense danger and respond with courage and strength directly, and actually improves the relationship with the adversary as a result.

    The appearance of the lobster is that of a frightening enemy, indeed its form is designed to frighten and intimidate its prey.  However, this may be overcome if it is faced boldly, directly and with skill - this is what this essence can help us with.  Also the lobster's complex armour represents protection - this essence can also help us to feel safe and protected.  Ultimately when the danger is faced and successfully dealt with, this essence enhances the telepathic flow of energy between us and our enemy, so communication and peace can result. 

    More often than not, when we face our fears and danger head on, we find that our fear was not nearly as bad as we thought, and that we were much stronger than we gave ourselves credit for.  In many cases an enemy can become a friend.  All lobster essences work in this way though different species give slightly different effects .

    This essence works by dissolving the mental blocks that we have about our adversary - in other words it prevents us blanking out any thoughts we have about facing them, because of our fear - as our thoughts connect fully so telepathy is enhanced, and so we understand them better as we become more sensitive to their feelings.  Courage and application to overcoming any danger is enhanced, further helped by the sharpening of our physical senses (the ability to "smell" fear or danger) and we become more alert, responding to any incoming threat more efficiently.  Any level of adversary can be better faced in this way.

    This essence can also be used to tackle very deep psychological fears, which often come from past life experiences.

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  • SE 11. Common Tropical Octopus - orangey gold. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    A wonderful problem solving essence, helping us to overcome problems and difficulties at many levels. It helps to give us more motivation and flexibility, helping us to decrease our dependence on others for things which we can do for ourselves.

    Many people will benefit from this essence, but it is especially good for those who are weak willed or easily affected by others.  The energy that comes from using this essence attunes us to others socially and is conducive to good relationships with others. 

    This essence is Universal in its actions, improving our visual perception and improving communication, and helps us to act in harmony with our Higher Selves.  It produces genuine initiative and responsiveness in us, especially to the needs of others, so helping independence of Being with a deep and caring social conscience.

    Common Tropical Octopus works by helping the Causal body to become wholly positive - this improves leadership and gives us real inner strength to deal with anything.  By harmonising will energy in a positive way our flexibility to do things increases, and we become aware of how we may have used our will negatively in the past, to depend too much on others.  It also dissolves blocks in the Etheric body, so all sorts of things can be seen or perceived more clearly and lucidly.  We also clear the Etheric points where we have 'sucked off other people's energies - this is also part of its dissolving action.  It can stop us feeling we have to depend on others, for what we can do for ourselves.

    Excellent work essence, because it can attune us to greater resources.

    Possibly the most useful essence of the sea essences.

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  • SE 12. Horseshoe Crab - deep bluish pink. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    This is also known as King Crab and is the largest of the crabs, measuring up to 50cm in diameter.  This essence works on the emotional body only - it works by enhancing the emotional body in two ways: firstly by helping it to overcome negativity, and by helping it to overcome toxicity.

    All crab essences are good for defusing antagonism or hostility in some way, and Horseshoe Crab defuses hostility or antagonism in group situations.  It is excellent when there are large crowds of people, where individuals are massed in pretty large numbers and there is a danger of anger or some hostility as a result.  Political rallies are classic examples, where use of this essence sprayed into the space where people are, or broadcast to; the place would greatly ease tension or antagonism, which might otherwise give rise to violence.

    It will work in any social situation where there are traditional or historical reasons why people are hostile to each other.  It helps people to feel protected from the fear of hostility from others, as is shown by the thick, smooth protective shell of this crab. So it engenders a strong feeling of security in potentially violent or hostile situations.  It enhances positive emotions of compassion, love and solidarity with others in a group' opening the way to reconciliation where there are traditional hostilities present.

    It works on the mass emotional energy field that a group of people generate, being less effective on an interpersonal energy field. 

    It will help in the development of better relations between groups of people, who have been hostile to each other for political or social reasons - so it will be very effective used over a longish period of time where positive progress may be pretty slow.  It will aid negotiations by political and military people and help in the resolving of longstanding disputes, as it also enhances social order.

    So it can give many social and national situations a 'fresh start', opening the door to the creation of positive relations. 

    A key social essence.

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  • SE 13. Harlequin Shrimp - lemon yellow. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    This essence Works on the Mental and the Emotional bodies.  It enhances the Mental body to overcome negativity and it dissolves blockages in the Emotional body.

    This is a wonderful balancer of the Mind and the Emotions which helps us to get over difficult Mental/Emotional states such as obsessions, neuroses or any degree of rigidity in mind or feelings which takes away our lightness, humour or wellbeing.  It can help us to become objective about something when we become too self-obsessed or too serious, so we can see ourselves humorously and more as other people see us.

    There are many people in many different situations who would benefit from Harlequin Shrimp, as most people could do with a good measure of humour and objectivity about themselves.  It is very good for people who just get stuck in their minds, usually in fearful thoughts and anxieties about the future, who often project the worst when going into the fresh situation.  Those who have lost trust in one way or the other or who take themselves too seriously because they are very academic or head-centered, would also benefit from this essence. 

    It is very good for rediscovering our 'inner child' and restoring a good sense of humour - it enhances relationships with others by rebalancing our energies with others in a light and loving way, helping us to see their point of view more easily, and helping us to be clear about our own tendencies in relationships - so from this perspective it will generate harmony in relationships.

    A good time or party essence for real fun! An excellent social enhancer.

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  • SE 14. Cassiopea Andromeda Jellyfish -  mid blue. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    This is a wonderful relaxer for both body and mind and is an essence for those needing to unwind and relax at any time.  It also raises our consciousness of ourselves with all other Beings.  It melts walls in the mind that separate us from others and it helps the nerves and muscles in the body to let go of tension.  It enhances relationships with everything around us as it gently guides us away from self centered, unbalanced thought to a consciousness, which is more, united and all embracing.  It brings relief from nervous tension, so it is a wonderful aid to deep relaxation - it is excellent with many therapies such as 'water balancing', aromatherapy and stress relief techniques.

    Those who hold onto a lot of stress and high ideals mentally, can particularly benefit from Cassiopea Andromeda - or it can help those who are too mentally centered so they can't let go of tensions, etc.  Where there is too much rigidity of thinking or where someone is particularly obsessed or unbalanced, this essence can bring objectivity and a relaxed intelligence to see an issue objectively and harmoniously (instead of a way which can produce conflict, as is often the case).  Anyone needing to 'let go' in any way and for whatever reason can benefit from this essence.

    It works by dissolving blockages in the heart center, which impede us from properly appreciating the unity of life and our one-ness with others - when this happens a real integration of consciousness occurs.  The mind is cleared of disharmony so our thinking becomes clearer and softer and much more positive and friendly towards others.  At the same time nervous tension is vibrated out of the physical bodies, so producing a deep and far reaching relaxation in the nerves and muscular structure.

    A key essence - Excellent for meditation as well as group work.


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