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  • SE 43. Manta Ray Essence. ( Mana Lashi – Female & Hono Lashim – Male ). 15ml
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    Manta Ray Essence has a wonderfully uplifting, antidepressive effect which liberates us from earthly burdens. We can feel earthly burdens lifted off us as we start to ‘fly’ in our consciousness and we no longer feel bound by this earthly dimension.

    Worries, fears and anxieties are alleviated by Manta Ray and replaced by a calm, clear energy and a deep ease in our Being. Like a bird we can take off and be released from the constrictions and burdens of physicality, and indeed our physical body is considerably lightened and cleared by this essence. Our individuality is enhanced as we can find our unique Soul Path much more easily with the help of this essence. This clears a lot of confusion on emotional and mental levels and empties our being of disharmony and chaos. Our energy flow is smoothed and we can get back on track with our true life purpose, if we have been diverted.

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  • SE 44. Green Turtle Sea Essence (Gamea - female & Peara - male ). 15ml
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    Green Turtle is a mentally relaxing essence for reducing anxiety and depression and improving mental balance and harmony. It dissolves obsessive or compulsive tendencies, promoting inner clarity and a sense of freedom in our consciousness.

    There is a reconnection with ancient wisdom with a strong inner stability and courage. With this comes patience and understanding of what is involved in solving a problem. We can say that it brings a positive orientation to a person and the tenacity to see through any undertaking we may be involved in.

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  • SE 45. Dugong Essence ( Mena - female & Fima - male ). 15ml
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    Dugong Essence is a strong enhancer of our perceptions and opens up the Creative Imagination.. It gives a real boost to the mind and what we perceive and brings more enjoyment to our consciosness as we can explore this aspect of ourselves more easily. Relationships with others can become more harmonious and loving as we develop real peace and understanding with others.

    We experience a deep peacefulness as our Emotional body is harmonized and brought into balance, and the mind and emotions come into harmony. We connect with Universal Consciousness and our access to the Higher Mind Energies of the Planet is increased. We can easily understand the depth and nature of any issue, as our thinking and feeling become clearer.

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  • SE 46. Giant Squid Sea Essence - warm olive green.15ml
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    Giant Squid is an empowerment essence for the physical body to enhance survival abilities and increase the perception of the world around us. It also reduces fear, stopping old fears coming back and spoiling our wellbeing. It brings qualities of strenght, protection and abundance to our life giving us the power to act to protect ourselves and others. It brings protection from the ‘dark side energies’ and Love.

    Working under a deep warm olive green colour frequency it dissolves fear, bringing abundance, wisdom and inner strenght, especially when we face challenges. It can also enhance clairvoyant abilities.

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  • SE 47. Pacific Walrus - deep Lemon Yellow. 15ml
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    Paciific Walrus Essence. ( Leifa - male & Tiveah - female ).

    An essence for harmonising us with our environment and enhancing our survival abilities. It can harmonise our relationship with other people both in groups and individually bringing a real warmth and purpose to our communications with others. Our senses are sharpened and we can relax about any issues which are bothering us, as we gain an inner confidence to deal with any issue.
    Pacific Walrus combines inner strength with social harmony so we can easily organise others around us as well as ourselves for the good of all. So it is good for families who may be going through crises or difficult times as it helps to calm us, strengthen us and gives us a clear sense of priorities for survival and growth. Social interactions with strangers become easier and it becomes easier to identify with new relationships in an easy, flowing way.
    This essence helps us to be mentally flexible to adapt to changing circumstances so we can find the right strategies for survival and improving our life quality. When new things come along in our life we often suffer as we don't adapt easily or quickly enough to changing circumstances - with Pacific Walrus we can do this much more easily and successfully whilst maintaining family bonds and closeness with harmony.
    Pacific Walruses themselves live mainly in the Chukchi Sea between Alaska and Russia, and about 90% of the world population of around 250,000 live there. Living on ice flows floating over a shallow sea they mainly feed on clams and other smaller organisms on the sea floor, but because of Global Warming there has been a huge retreat of the summer sea ice in the last 30-40 years. This has meant that they can no longer live so close to their food source and have to travel increasing distances to feed themselves and their young, as well as cope with human interference that is coming from the increasing open waters there. They must therefore adapt very quickly to these changing circumstances in order to survive, and this is exactly what the Essence helps us to do.
    They also show huge love and sensitivity to each other, maintaining strong social harmony and caring for every member of their group. This is what the essence helps us with in our relationship to each other.
    Sight is strengthened so we can physically see what is around us more clearly, and insight is improved giving is a better understanding of changing circumstances.
    Pacific Walrus works under a deep lemon yellow frequency bringing real clarity, harmony and joy to our physical life. It enhances optimism and positive thinking helping us to gain a positive life attitude both to ourselves and our family.
    An important essence to improve the quality of family and social life, as well as helping us on an individual basis.

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  • SE 48. Blue Spotted Stingray. 15ml
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    SE 48. Blue Spotted Stingray. 15ml


    Blue Spotted Stingray
    © Annette Boettcher |

    A restoring and cleansing essence for the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras from traumas, emotional wounds and dark energies. It clears energy problems around our heart and energy flow to improve our wellbeing and vitality, bringing joy and ease. It can clear the negative effects of toxic relationships, traumas and dark energies from our Being coming from the past. It can raise our vibration bringing 'new life' freeing us from past negative influences and energies.

    An important essence for quality of life.

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  • SE 49. West Indian Manatee - mid gold 3. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    West Indian Manatee

    A real tonic for our close relationships bringing harmony and love, and restoring trust and closeness. Working under a gold colour frequency it maintains harmony and balance in ourselves as well as our relationships, and can restore the quality and closeness of close partner relationships. It is purifying, restoring and harmonizing and can be used in Family Constellation work.

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  • SE 50. Steller Sea Lion - pale purple.  Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Steller Sea Lion Essence brings tremendous clarity and freshness to the whole Being. Perception is greatly increased and vision becomes crystal clear. There is a strong cleansing of our etheric energies dissolving away toxins, and bringing a rejuvenation of our physical and energetic state of Being.

    Fear is reduced as we know we can master our environment and confidence to do and succeed at things increases. Our ability to live and thrive in our environment increases and we become one with the crashing ocean waves without fear, and with total release of all anxiety. Our filters are stripped away and we can feel the raw excitement of being alive feeling love and passion for each other very naturally.

    There is a tremendous enjoyment and gratitude for being alive and it feels like the years just fall off you with the essence of Steller Sea Lion. We can really enjoy our physical body and we can feel light, flexible and supple. So it increases wellbeing beautifully as we can rise to any challenge more easily and powerfully.

    They work under a pale purple colour frequency and this brings increased perception, clearer sight and a spiritual boost as we open up to Divine beauty all around us. Perception of Angels and Light can increase in some people.

    This will help so many people who feel tired, sick, stale and depressed. Its very uplifting and energetically it can really renew and rejuvenate our thinking, our emotions and our physical energies.  

    So this is a great pick me up” for when youre feeling low or very lethargic, and will help people with long-term illnesses to recuperate much more quickly and strongly.

    For those people whove had traumatic or damaging relationships. This essence will really help to heal from those and to bring us back to a real freshness and wonder for life in general. These sea lions are very loving and nurturing in their family relationships, and this is a quality that they will help us to Manifest with our own families.

    In conclusion this is a lovely essence for anyone who may feel tired, ‘out of sorts’ and stale in their Being. It brings a real sense of fun, youthfulness and adventure back to us, if we have lost it. An important energy for the healing of oceanic life to bring back its vitality, health and freshness.


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