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  • SE 15. Dolphin (Sina/Ruwa) -  aquamarine. Sea Essence. 15ml
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     This essence is a special essence, and quite distinct from a Sea essence as it is not a Cosmic Ray essence with a particular healing or enhancing effect. It and all the other Dolphin essences are ‘Attunement’ energies to a particular Dolphin soul Being. It does not have a standard healing effect/s, but has an energy which helps us to access the particular Soul properties of this Dolphin.

          A Dolphin essence can be best thought of as an ‘Energy Matrix’ through which many Sea and other Vibrational essences can be blended and integrated. Each Dolphin essence will have a slightly different effect depending on the personality and soul energy of the particular Dolphin concerned (just as each human being has their unique personality and Soul energy). When other Sea essences are blended with this essence there is a better integration of all the healing properties, some amplification of the combined effects, and a focus given to the essence combination.

    An essence of love, joy, playfulness and heart renewal. This is a new type of sea essence, being an attunement essence to two particular dolphins, Sina and Ruwa. Sina is an Atlantic Spotted Dolphin and brings a beautiful heart energy of renewal and love. Ruwa is a Spinner Dolphin and brings great joy, vitality and playfulness. Together they give exceptional wellbeing and support, combining these qualities, so combining Turquoise and Green to make their composite colour of Aquamarine.

    To give any combination even more integrity and balance, it is recommended that the Pilot Whale essence be also put in the blend, especially where there is a need for a more ‘masculine element’.

    A lovely Essence teaching us that together we are much stronger, happier and more successful in this Aquarian Age.

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  • SE 16. Pilot Whale (Seimiyo) -  deep blue. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    This essence is a special essence and a partner for the Dolphin essence. It is an ‘Attunement’ essence, and is quite distinct from Sea Essences in general, which are Cosmic Ray essences. It attunes us to this particular Pilot Whale Soul Being – that of a Long Finned Pilot whale called Seimiyo.

    The Pilot Whale essence is best thought of as an ‘Energy Matrix’ through which many sea and other vibrational healing essences can act and be integrated.

    This particular Pilot Whale essence is especially good for blending, integrating and amplifying the effects of Butterfly and Sea Essences. It is excellent to integrate blends of essences to give a particular ‘Focus’ to the combined action of the essences.

    The Pilot Whale is most clear energetically as a Guidance energy, holding the masculine qualities of strength, power and High Wisdom from the past. With this particular essence it is possible to energetically connect with the past, and with the High Wisdom and consciousness of past civilisations. It gives us strength and focus as we move into the future and helps us keep clear and steady in adverse circumstances.

    This is an essence of choice when we need guidance and want to access the wisdom of the Past, and combines well with the Gold Butterfly energies for example for Wisdom.

    Like the Dolphin essence it has many diverse applications depending on the individual needs of the person using the essence, so it is best to seek Higher guidance to use it to its full potential.

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  • SE 17. Vampire Squid - deep olive green. Sea Essence. 15ml
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     Vampire Squid is a deep acting remedy for very profound fears in our psyches, which are generated from actual experiences in past lives.  Its action goes very deep into the subconscious to alleviate terrifying fears which are based on acts of torture, trauma, pain and catastrophes which we have actually experienced in a past life.  Vampire Squid can bring out such fears and scars of traumas and alleviate them completely, bringing deep peace, courage, strength and clarity to the Being.  A good example is torture suffered in a past life leading to a terrifying and painful death, this would leave a deep scar in the Heart chakra, and be connected with toxins in the Astral body.  Unless these toxins are cleansed and remedied, the underlying fear from this past life incident would keep coming back and haunting us time and time again.  What Vampire Squid essence can do, is dissolve the toxins in the psyche – located in the Astral body, and remove the Mental blocks connected with those fears from the Mental body. 

    Another aspect of the power of this essence is its ability to completely cleanse and clear deep contaminated energies in the Earth Being, connected with deep fear.  Working through the Ley Lines and other Earth Energetics, this essence can completely cleanse and clear toxicity from the Earthly Being, as the whole planet Earth itself is a single entity.

    We can get many clues as to the action of this essence from the Vampire Squid itself.  This is a very fearsome creature which lives very deep in the ocean, 600+ meters.  It has a very large, shining blue eye which can appear very innocent.  When it attacks however it turns itself inside out showing long sharp spikes.  It envelopes its prey by turning itself the right way around over,  so impaling it with the spikes, these hold the pray in place while it is slowly digested alive by powerful digestive juices!   Here is the clue to the torture, pain and terrifying manner of death.  The very deep level at which it lives in the Ocean indicates the very deep level in our Being where this essence acts.  The large innocent looking eye shows the way in which deep wrong doing often has a cloak of seeming innocence.

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  • SE 18. Common Sea Urchin - warm olive green. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Common Sea Urchin essence puts us strongly in our emotional and heart space and it dissolves fear energies or negative emotions coming at us from someone else.  Here we can feel strong and secure to go into a relationship without fear of hurt or too much vulnerability.  Many people unconsciously adversely affect others from their own fear states and such energies get ‘passed around’ in a group situation.  This prevents love and positive energies from being predominant in this case, rather helping fear and negativity to dominate.  Sea Urchin stops this tendency towards fear and negativity of emotions, instead it promotes Love and Harmony between people, and dis-empowers those who try and control others through fear or disharmony.

    An excellent tool for any traveller where you may be entering new or unfamiliar energy fields, and entering new and unfamiliar relationships.  Commons Sea Urchin is also good for long term close relationships, where the interaction is ‘stuck’ through negative emotional expectations.  Insecure people can find their own inner confidence and security.  Introverted people can be helped to become more extrovert.  This is a lovely tool for greater wellbeing in relationships and for overcoming the predominance of fear energies in any situation.

    Common Sea Urchin works because fear energies sit in the lower Astral bodies as toxins which stop the flow of love and well being.  It dissolves these and activates the Emotional body to throw a sphere of protection around itself which stops and negative emotional energies.

    Many women who feel very vulnerable with dominant men would especially benefit from this essence.

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  • SE 19. Dawson Sun Starfish - yellow gold. Sea Essence. 10ml
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    Dawson Sunfish is a wellbeing and antidepressant essence for many people who may suffer from nervousness or bodily tension, and associated physical problems coming from a lack of warmth, colour, sunshine, music and love in their life. 

    Very many people will benefit from this essence, such as busy businessmen who use their mind a great deal, but are under active on a heart and love level, or sad, insecure and fearful people who have no dynamism or passion in their life. 

    People who have long term stress and nervous disorders or people who suffer from S.A.D problems through lack of sunshine and colours in their lives can also benefit from the Dawson Sunfish.

    It works by activating the Astral Body with a warm, uplifting energy, so bringing the Heart Centre to life.  When this happens we are revitalised especially with the energies of colour, with music and creativity to our whole system.  The Etheric body, further releases muscular tension so there is a relaxing effect on both the nerves and the physical body.  As the sunshine comes into the Astral body it can then impact on all of the subtle bodies equally, as the Astral is the integrating and communication centre of  our whole Being. 

    An essence with a wide range of applications.

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  • SE 20. Spiny Scallop - purple. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    This essence works on the Mental and Etheric bodies of people.  It realigns these two bodies when they have gone out of alignment and it dissolves blockages in the Etheric body in the area of sight.

    This sea essence is to help bring clear sight and clarity to any issue, thought or project which we may be working on.  It synchronises the mind and the eyesight together at the same time. 

    Use this whenever you need to be really clear on a particular issue and there is a need to see a solution quite clearly.  For people who are usually confused about issues and cannot see the way through a problem clearly, this is a wonderful essence. 

    It enhances our awareness of light and improves the clarity of eyesight in most people.  Therefore it is wonderful to enhance our visual appreciation of the world. 

     An important and fascinating essence.  

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  • SE 21. Giant Sea Spider - reddish orange. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Giant Sea Spider gives strength for anyone who faces dangers, obstacles or fears and who would normally back away from the problem, rather than face it.  It helps us to face and overcome these kind of problems in a strong, easy and focussed way.  It doesn’t so much dissolve fears; rather it simply strengthens and motivates us to face the fears, the fears just melt away as we apply our personal power. 

    So this is a true power essence, an essence of the true warrior, giving us the strength to match power with power perfectly so no one gains dominance or advantage over the other.  It is very good for weak or submissive people who give in easily, at the least sign of trouble or strife. 

    It is good for people with long term physical illnesses, to give them the willpower and strength to face key issues to overcome deep-seated problems.

    It works by simply aligning our personal power in the Causal body with all our senses and our physical being, so there is an abundant flow of this power energy when it is needed. 

    It brings the full force of our Will and personal power to bear against any obstacle or adversary.

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  • SE 22. Sea Lily  - lilac. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    SE 22. Sea Lily - lilac. Sea Essence. 15ml


    The Sea Lily is a very beautiful essence which can open our awareness to true beauty and the flowing rhythms of life.

    It has a lovely uplifting; antidepressant quality which helps anyone who is emotionally bereft or suffering in any way. 

    Many people will benefit from this lovely essence, as it can really help  anybody in their individual situations.  Obviously creative people will really appreciate the way in which they can connect with the true Soul qualities, and the appreciation of beauty.  Many people who are ill or depressed will really be helped by this essence, and those who have become insensitive or brutalised in any way.  Those who are constantly creating emotional disharmony will really benefit from the Sea Lily, and those who are stuck in patterns of disharmony and negativity in relationships will be helped.

    For those who seek the true nature of life, there may be benefits from this, as it attunes us to the flow of life, giving us insights on the Cyclic nature of all things.

       All appreciation of Beauty comes from the Soul in us, as this is the part of us that knows God and has a contact with God – God is Beauty!  By aligning our emotions with this, Sea Lily aligns our feelings with Beauty, so they are uplifted by Beauty coming from the Soul. 

    We find outside us what we have inside us, so when we connect with Beauty within, we connect to Beauty without.  Further to this Sea Lily dissolves levels of disharmony in the Emotional body so this helps the emotions to quieten and become sensitive to the Beauty of Life and its true appreciation from our Soul Level.

    A gem of an essence - very precious.     

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  • SE 23. Crown of Thorns Starfish - violet. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    This essence is for the relief of deeper pain in the Being, especially when there has been a long term accumulation of pain over many life-times. It releases pain from very deep levels in the Being and brings deep clearing to levels of Karmic pain, and to more superficially manifested pain as well.

    Its other action is to release deep levels of pain being held in the entire Being, by bringing the Soul, Casual and Etheric bodies into alignment.

    Its form relates to the ‘Crown of Thorns’ which Christ wore at the Crucifixion, as this is the most potent symbol of pain in the human condition. It has very sharp thorns or spikes on it’s body, which case intense pain when a person touches this starfish because of it’s poison and the sharpness of the ‘thorns’. This starfish has a reputation for destroying coral reefs with great ferocity, and can be very poisonous to many creatures. This points to the potency and deadliness of the pain that this essence helps to heal.

    An important essence.

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  • SE 24. Common Cuttlefish - turquoise. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Common Cuttlefish essence is a relationship enhancer, to enable two people to get a deeper attunment to one another, to really get to know each other, to flow together effortlessly and to communicate at more subtle levels. 

    This essence helps us to get over the superficial blocks which can hold back real depth and fulfilment to relationships, these include emotional up-tightness and embarrassment at expressing oneself, insecurity about ourselves in a particular relationship, fears about how we will cope in a relationship and a range of emotional/social problems.  This essence helps us to overcome these helping us to gain a relaxing confidence in relationships, and will also help us to go deeply into a particular relationship when the potential and desire are for things to happen.

    The cuttlefish shows this in its lifestyle, they mostly live very deep in the sea, but move quickly, powerfully and effortlessly in their environment.  They are social creature’s who have an incredible ability to communicate by changing colour very quickly, so communicating subtle messages very easily and effortlessly.  This is the effect of the essence, our ability to communicate easily, effortlessly and subtly is increased.    

    Common Cuttlefish will prove most valuable in young and middle aged people, where many will not have found their centre and therefore the ability to form deeper relationships – a very valuable tool.       

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  • SE 25. Giant Clam - bright lime green. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    The Giant Clam is a specialist essence for the stomach and for harmonising the intake of food and drink.  It is a harmoniser of many stomach problems, especially those connected with bad diet, and can restore health and wholesomeness to the mind in its approach to food.   Quite simply Giant Clam restores the natural feeding process, dissolving unnatural attachments in the mind to unhealthy food and drink and restoring a wholesome and balanced appetite.

    It is an antidote to greed in eating and drinking, and it heals unwholesome mental attachments to food and drink.

    Giant Clam is a great tool towards more Love based feeding and helps to bring about the shift in consciousness necessary before a dietary change can be successful.   

    The Giant Clam is a giant shellfish, which can weigh over 100kg and it looks like a giant mouth, the opening between the two halves of the shell look rather like interlocking teeth in the giant mouth. It typifies a pure diet as it feeds only on plankton and algae, the algae producing much of the clam's food intake directly from photosynthesis, showing the connection with a plant based diet.  By aligning the physical body – stomach and brain, with the Astral there is a harmonising and co-ordinating effect on the stomach from the entire Being through the Astral.  By further aligning this with the mind, the thinking is also harmonised for the physical body in the stomach area.

    An important essence at this time.  


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  • SE 26. Blue Sea Squirt - deep blue. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    Blue Sea Squirt is a calming, clearing and restoring remedy for anyone who has suffered a trauma, shock or difficult experience. It is very good especially for those who have suffered in a natural disaster or an accident, but works for any level of this kind of problem. It brings peace, trust and equilibrium to the mind and restores the flow to nervous energy in the Being.

    This essence works firstly on the Mental Body, by harmonically vibrating the Mental Body to clear any ‘cloud’ or disharmony from the mind, it works on the Etheric body by activating it to release tension and pain. The Blue colour imbues this essence with an effect of bringing a deep peace.

    Use this essence whenever there is a need to release trauma or shock. 

    It helps us to reconnect with the flow of nurturing energy, which is available to every one of us. This essence can be used for place healing, where a natural disaster has struck and a whole place or area may be traumatised, it can be used for healing and restoring at many levels.

    A very useful essence which can help people in many situations.

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  • SE 27. Flame Scallop - orangey red. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    A harmoniser and revitalizer, this essence offers warmth and fluidity. It can dissolve energetic blockages, so harmonizing Chi energy – it is governed by the Fire element and this can be seen by the flame-like filaments in this scallop.
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  • SE 28. Sea Apple - pale turquoise. Sea Essence. 15ml
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    A ‘Networking’ essence which helps us to connect with all levels of life and energy with a clear mental focus. Offering to us clarity and harmony. Great for improving communications through I. T. and modern computer technology, and extending our communications net. It can help to clear mental confusion and helps to keep us 'earthed'.
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